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Glass plays a very important role in the installation of doors and windows. The collocation of glass should not only focus on functionality, but also choose from an aesthetic perspective

I. energy saving matching skills

because the thermal conductivity of the sealed middle air layer is much lower than that of glass, the thermal insulation performance of insulating glass can be increased by two times compared with that of single glass, and the power consumption of buildings equipped with air conditioners can be greatly reduced. It can insulate more than 70% in summer, and keep indoor heating not easy to lose in winter, reducing heat loss by up to 40%, playing the role of heat preservation, so as to turn warm winter and cool summer into reality

II. Safety matching skills

tempered glass is the safest: if tempered glass is selected on both sides indoors and outdoors, the impact resistance and safety of the glass are greatly improved indoors and outdoors. Because the impact resistance of tempered glass is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass, and its bending resistance is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, it is safe

III. collocation skills of heat absorption and sunscreen

in a room exposed to the sun or the west, the door and window glass outside the room should be heat absorption coated glass, and the indoor side should be ordinary white glass. Because the heat absorbing glass absorbs infrared light, it can attenuate the solar energy by 20% - 30%, so as to reduce the heat energy entering the room. In summer, it can reduce the load of air conditioning; In winter, due to the absorption of infrared light, its temperature rises, which can resist the external cold and achieve energy-saving effect. Because the heat absorbing glass is colored glass, the decorative effect is also obvious while saving energy

the three skills of matching windows and doors with glass are simply summarized here. No matter how to select glass, it is considered from the perspective of people-oriented to meet the application needs of home owners. Therefore, doors and windows have different classifications and prices in installation and purchase, which are selected from performance

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