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On July 5, 2018, around Guangzhou south railway station, Suifu doors and windows launched another heavy attack. Guangzhou south railway station is the largest and busiest high-speed railway station in South China and one of the largest railway passenger transport hubs in China. Suifu doors and windows use the LED light box advertising positions around Guangzhou south railway station to launch the brand advertising of Suifu doors and windows, so that all passengers entering the station can fully experience the brand charm of Suifu doors and windows

Suifu doors and windows choose to unite with the high-speed railway to open the era of rapid take-off. The LED light box advertisement of Guangzhou high-speed railway is very easy to become the focus of people's attention. In this relaxed brand image communication environment, great influence can shorten the distance between potential customers and fully improve the brand recognition of Suifu doors and windows

Suifu doors and windows is a brand with unique charm and a platform with broad development prospects for the aluminum alloy doors and windows market. With its excellent manufacturing technology, superior product quality and professional team service, Suifu leads its dealers to bring high-quality, comfortable and comfortable home life experience to consumers with aluminum alloy doors and windows

a good brand comes from the enterprise ability and product quality. In recent years, Suifu doors and windows Under the strong development momentum of aluminum alloy doors and windows industry, it has been favored by the majority of consumers and dealers. Suifu is not satisfied with the current situation, and will still forge ahead, and will work harder to "transmit happiness and create a safe home" for thousands of families





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