Configuration simulation design of PLC control sys

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Configuration simulation design of elevator PLC control system

Abstract: This paper introduces the control system of a four storey elevator written by Siemens s programmable controller. The man-machine interface is made by MCGS configuration software to test the operation of elevator PLC control system. Practice has proved that the combination of PLC controller and MCGS configuration software is conducive to the design and detection of PLC control system, and has good application value

key words: Configuration Simulation Design of PLC control system for elevatorstan Yijun, Shen shuojing, Ma xiaojunabstract:the control system of the four layer elevator is compiled with $e program on the interface of man machine conversation is designed with MCGS configuration soft- is used to monitor the operation state s of the elevator PLC control e practice shows that the combination of the PLC control system and MCGS configurationsoftware are value able for design, and testing, and application. Introduction the electrical system of elevator is composed of two parts: the driving system and the control system. The relay logic control used in the traditional electrical control system is gradually being eliminated due to the disadvantages of many contacts, high failure rate, poor reliability and large volume. At present, programmable logic controller (PLC) is used in elevator design, which requires flexible function change, simple programming, few faults and low noise. Convenient maintenance, energy and labor saving, strong anti-interference ability, and small floor area of control box. When the passengers enter the elevator, press the floor button, and the elevator door will automatically close. The control system will perform the following operations: determine the car running direction according to the car position and the number of floors where the passengers are located, and ensure that the car slows down when leveling. Park the lift car on the selected floor; At the same time, according to the call of the floor, stop on the way and open and close the door automatically. In addition, there shall be signal lights inside and outside the car to display the running direction and number of floors of the elevator. MCGS (monitor and Control Generated System) is a set of configuration software for rapid construction and generation of computer monitoring system, which can run on Windows platform. Through the collection and processing of field data. It adopts animation display, alarm processing, process control, real-time curve, historical curve and report output. Providing users with solutions to practical engineering problems has lost its comparative advantage. Make full use of the features of windows, such as complete graphical functions, good interface consistency and easy to learn and use. Compared with the industrial control system developed by using special computer in the past, it is more versatile and widely used in the field of automation. In this paper, MCGS configuration software is used to test the operation of elevator PLC control system. The S7-200 programmable controller of elevator PLC control system is a new type of programmable controller developed by German Siemens company. It has reliable operation, strong function, large storage capacity and convenient programming. The output end can directly drive the coil of 2A relay or contactor, with strong anti-interference ability. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of elevator for electrical control system. S series small PLC (micro PLC) can be applied to various automation systems. Compact structure. Low cost 12.b~ powerful instruction set makes S7-200 PLC an ideal solution for various small control tasks. Using Siemens S7-200 programmable controller to write a control system for a four storey elevator. Complete the control tasks such as in car command, out of hall call command, floor position indication, floor speed change control and door opening control to maintain good growth momentum. Step 7-micro/win 32 is the programming software of S series PLC. It can program all functions of S7-200. The software runs on window8 platform. The basic operation is similar to standard Windows software such as omce, which is simple and easy to learn. Its basic function is to assist users to complete application software tasks. For example, creating user programs, modifying and in-process tools have simple syntax checking functions. The working mode, parameters and operation monitoring of PLC can also be directly set with software. 2.1 electrical control system diagram L is the composition block diagram of the system. In the figure. Output: 1. Motor; 2. Up and down contactors; 3. Fast and slow contactor; 4. Position indication; 5. Door lock. Input: 6. Car instruction; 7. External instructions; 8. Door area induction; 9. Manual door opening and closing; 10. Floor sensing. 2.2 the PLC scale required by the PLC system to complete the set control tasks mainly depends on the input of the control system, {the demand of the poultry outlet and the difficulty of the control process. (1) Estimation of I/O points: the input points of the system include: 6 input points of hall call button; 4 command buttons in the car; 4 points of floor sensor; Door area sensing point L; Manual door opening L point: 16 input points in total. The output points are: 2 points of fast and slow contactor; Up and down contactor 2 points; 4 floor indicator lights; Door lock 1 point; There are 9 output points in total. The total I/O points are 16/9; (2) The cpu226 input and output points of the programmable controller S7-200 are 24/16, taking 2016 as an example. Sufficient to meet the requirements. 3. The design of elevator PLC control system is limited due to space. Only the elevator instructions and up and down procedures are listed and explained. 3.1 design of floor status indication when the elevator runs to a certain floor, the indication position and instruction are given. Take layer 2 as an example: LD twoseletq is selected in layer 2 of LD twoselet, 1 indicates LD twoup layer 2 calls s twoupq, 1 indicates layer 2 calls LJ) twodown layer 2 calls s twodownq, 1 indicates LD twoeat layer 2 position = twoeeatq layer 2 position indication 3.2 power

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