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On November 18, Ge held a forum on "the future of energy - winning at the inflection point of the new era" in Diaoyutai. Steve Boz, senior vice president of Ge worldwide, President and CEO of power generation and water treatment business, said: "in the future, China's energy will focus on improving energy efficiency, natural gas substitution, renewable and distributed energy."

during the forum, GE and China Coal Energy Group (hereinafter referred to as "China Coal Group") signed a letter of intent for clean coal utilization project cooperation, which will provide China coal group with its coal gasification technology, equipment and related services

in GE's China energy strategy, natural gas still occupies the most important position. "There is no doubt that it needs high technical requirements to keep consistent with the color of the whole vehicle. Now we are in the era of natural gas. According to our estimation, natural gas can reach or exceed the power generation capacity of coal and oil by 2030." Steve Boz emphasized

in addition to the natural gas LED energy strategy, the 21st Century Business Herald found that in view of the transformation inflection point of China's energy market, improving energy efficiency and coal chemical industry will become GE's next starting point

it is reported that GE will improve the use efficiency of various energy sources through industrial interconnection and data analysis, and cut into coal chemical industry by providing technical solutions in the coal field

however, the biggest resistance for GE to expand China's energy market may come from itself. Steve Boz and duanxiaoying, President and CEO of Ge Greater China, both said that GE must be more localized. Chinese customers are not satisfied with simply purchasing technology and equipment

natural gas is still the main source of revenue

the recent downward market pattern of global oil and gas prices and the joint initiative of China and the United States on climate change have strengthened GE's determination in natural gas business

"China is the largest consumer of natural gas. With the substantial reduction of prices, natural gas power generation will be further popularized in China." Steve Boz said at the forum

after the shale gas revolution in the United States, the global energy supply and demand pattern has changed from supply exceeding demand to multi-point supply. At the same time, China has raised the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP to 40-45% by 2020, and promised to reach more than 45%

according to fan Bi, deputy director of the comprehensive research department of the Research Office of the State Council, the above two events mean that the inflection point of China's energy pattern from coal to oil and gas has come

according to the 12th Five Year Plan for energy development issued by the State Council on January 1, 2013, the installed capacity of natural gas power generation will double to 56million kilowatts by 2015 on the basis of the 11th five year plan, with an average annual growth of 16.2%. It is estimated that the installed capacity of natural gas power generation will reach 100million kW by 2020

"the United States is replacing coal with natural gas, greatly reducing carbon emissions, while China has come to the era of replacing coal with oil and gas in the context of urbanization." Fan Bi said at the forum

in the white paper "China's natural gas era: innovation and change in energy development" released last October, GE said that natural gas will be the best choice for China to meet the growing energy demand and solve environmental challenges

apart from the price decline and emission reduction, the more important reason for GE to make the above conclusions is that the natural gas business is the main source of GE's income in China's energy market, and its gas equipment and corresponding follow-up services almost monopolize the whole industrial chain from upstream mining to downstream power generation in the Chinese market

in terms of shale gas production, GE has oil pumps and movable generators; In terms of energy transmission, GE has added a small LNG business; In power generation, GE has a variety of gas engines, which can provide comprehensive natural gas solutions

a survey report on natural gas power generation in eastern China issued by the National Energy Administration in 2012 shows that the gas equipment of Ge and Siemens monopolize the Chinese market, and Ge ranks first

according to incomplete statistics in the research report, in eastern China, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other provinces and cities, GE has signed gas equipment and operation and maintenance agreements with most local power generation enterprises, involving China's five major power generation groups and local energy companies. For example, Huaneng Nanjing Jinling Power Generation Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huadian Qishuyan Power Generation Co., Ltd., Dongguan energy, Beijing Taiyanggong thermal power plant, Shanghai Caojing power plant, Zhejiang Zhenhai Power Plant, etc

as the core technology of gas-fired power generation equipment is not yet mastered, China's power plants need to sign a long-term maintenance and operation agreement after purchasing Ge gas-fired power generation equipment, and the cost mainly consists of initial spare parts cost, startup cost, monthly fixed cost, operation time cost, etc; The long-term maintenance and operation agreement contract is the long-term spare parts and service treaty. The natural gas power plant can purchase spare parts, repair parts, select maintenance instructors, etc. from GE at a preferential price determined according to needs, and the price is about tens of millions per year

in addition to selling gas-fired power generation equipment and operation and maintenance, Ge also chooses to conduct business in the form of joint venture with Chinese power generation companies. In 2011, GE and Huadian Group jointly established Huadian general light gas turbine equipment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai to produce aviation modified gas turbines for distributed energy power stations

according to Immelt, chairman and CEO of Ge, Ge will establish 5 to 10 important joint ventures with large state-owned enterprises in China. Today, AVIC group, China Shenhua, CSR and Shanghai Electric have all married Ge, involving natural gas, wind energy and other energy fields

energy efficiency improvement and coal chemical industry emphasize localization

in addition to natural gas, GE's China energy strategy is also gradually infiltrating the field of energy efficiency improvement and coal chemical industry

"China is the largest consumer of natural gas, coal, wind energy and solar energy." "Emerging markets are four times faster than developed countries, and China is a very important part of them," steveboz said

Steve Boz revealed at the forum that energy efficiency improvement related to industrial interconnection will permeate various forms of energy utilization, among which more intelligent machines can improve energy efficiency and save expenses. He estimated that GE's turbines could save $4billion and bring about 1% GDP growth

since 2012, GE has put forward the concept of industrial interconnection for the first time and established a special global software center in Silicon Valley. According to GE's assumption, industrial interconnection can increase power output by improving the planning, construction, operation, monitoring and maintenance of energy projects. For example, wind power generators can increase power generation by 5%

in the fine-tuning pattern of Ge China's energy strategy, in addition to improving energy efficiency, the coal chemical industry sector has gradually become prominent. Although coal chemical industry only accounts for a small proportion of GE's business, this is closely related to China's market demand

since 2012, China has ended the golden period of coal for more than ten years. The coal price has continued to decline and there has been excess capacity. Previous coal companies, including major power companies that hold a large number of coal resources, have begun to transform coal chemical industry. However, enterprises accustomed to simply mining coal lack coal conversion technology

xuyaowu, deputy general manager of China coal energy, said that the advantages of coal enterprises are abundant resources and low prices, but they are extremely lack of technology

it is reported that, similar to the gas industry, Ge will launch solutions for the whole industrial chain of coal chemical industry, especially coal gasification. Previously, GE has reached cooperation with China Shenhua and other large coal enterprises, such as establishing Ge Shenhua Gasification Technology Co., Ltd. with Shenhua. Up to now, nearly 200 gasifiers have been put into commercial operation worldwide, distributed in 15 countries and regions

during the Forum on November 16, Ge also signed a letter of intent for cooperation with China Coal Group on a super large, efficient and clean coal utilization project. Ge will provide China coal group with its efficient and environmentally friendly third-generation syngas radiant cooler (RSC radiant syngas cooler) gasification technology equipment and related services

however, the biggest resistance for GE to develop China's energy market may come from itself. At the forum, Steve Boz and duanxiaoying, President and CEO of Ge Greater China, both said that GE must be more localized. "Ge's coal chemical technology is not acclimatized to China." Duanxiaoying said

in fact, GE's acclimatization also occurs in the wind power industry. Many wind power development enterprises have told the 21st Century Business Herald that the after-sales service of Ge wind turbines can sometimes not meet the requirements of the Chinese industry with serious corrosion problems, especially in terms of response speed

Chinese customers are not satisfied with just purchasing technology and equipment. This is a 21 foot mechanical arm. "At present (China Coal Group and GE) is still a relatively short-term technology transfer cooperation. We hope that on the basis of technology transfer, the technical services will also keep up, and the technology transferor can also participate in the project investment. In this way, our interests can be tied together for a longer time, and this kind of cooperation will be more helpful to us and your (GE) development." Xuyaowu, deputy general manager of China coal energy, said

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