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Considerations for implementing the packaging brand protection strategy

packaging brand holders are afraid of brand protection, mainly because of the high cost of brand protection, which is understandable. But they are still willing to insure the plant and goods at a high price. Brand insurance is also a kind of brand protection. Brand insurance can be used as a small investment to prevent potential losses caused by brand reputation damage, and also as a retreat when consumers lose trust in products

over the past decade, people's tactical and technical level has improved dramatically, making the results of brand protection unsatisfactory. Therefore, brand holders are still looking for ways to solve all brand protection needs, so they can consider a layered strategy that can help you select the most suitable method. The precautions are as follows:

1. Understand the problem. First, step back and understand the position of the brand. What are the threats to the brand? Is there one or all of imitation, smuggling and semi black market? What kind of work can alleviate or help alleviate these problems? What else can we get from the brand protection project, or how much is the return on investment

2. Understand the differences of each situation. Only on the basis that you have understood the problem and the mentality of the perpetrators, can the strategy be effective, which is the premise. What are their motives? What are their chances? What do they want to achieve? How can it be achieved? Is there any simple way to stop them

3. Understand intellectual property rights. Quantify your company's losses in information processing projects. Correctly understand the elements of packaging brand, including law and consumer concept. Fake brands in foreign markets cannot be completely imitated, but they can have an impact on brand reputation only by relying on their similarities

4. Estimate the urgency of the matter. Now, are your products being impacted by imitations? Does the company lose a lot of market share due to product health risks? What is the worst case scenario? Can you differentiate between situations that pose different levels of threat to your brand? How much does it take to defend or deter imitations to protect your brand's reputation in key markets

5. Correctly understand the goal of packaging brand protection. Brand protection is not only protection, but also deterrence. Don't care what crime he really committed. Usually, the goal of brand protection is not to bring the global copycat manufacturers to justice, so that this will not happen again in the future. Brand protection is more about using Criminology and understanding criminals' psychology for prevention or deterrence. His goal is to make the interests of copycat manufacturers uneven and offset the criminal motivation, so that their input and output do not match

6. Focus on prevention rather than treatment. The compressive strength (n) of p0201-0201 box type calculated by Carey Carter formula; Manage problems. If you have been immersed in dealing with the Shanzhai incident that has occurred to further improve your market competitiveness, you can say that you have lost a game. Your final goal is too specific, wasting money. The difference between Jinan testing machines could have been put into a place of more strategic significance. Remember, the imitator not only recovers quickly, but also has strong adaptability

7. Know your opponent and his environment. Countries may have very different definitions of intellectual property rights. The United States believes that this behavior constitutes infringement, but other countries may not even subsidize manufacturers that constitute power preference, rather than thinking that this is a fraud in a broad sense and a specific attack on your company

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