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The confusion of energy contract management is also different from the object reading of macro structure: whether it is the market or the policy environment, the energy-saving service industry is facing an unprecedented good environment during the 12th Five Year Plan period

on March 14, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance announced the list of the second batch of energy-saving service companies. A total of 523 energy-saving service companies were shortlisted. This list increased by 62 enterprises compared with the first batch. It is mentioned in the announcement that energy-saving service companies in the second batch of filing list can apply for national financial incentive funds for energy management projects that have been signed and qualified after January 1, 2011

many experts said that the policy environment is getting better and better, and the domestic energy conservation and emission reduction market is very large, which determines that the future development prospect of this industry is bright

according to incomplete statistics, since 2009 alone, more than 3000 energy-saving service enterprises in China have officially obtained industrial and commercial registration. In 2011, the number of domestic energy-saving service companies will double. An industry expert said to me. However, from the current situation, the increase in the number of energy-saving service companies does not mean the smooth operation of the company. They also have many concerns and doubts in their development

does the policy only have advertising effect

in the interview, some energy-saving service companies were not as excited as they thought after hearing the good news of the policy. We are going to understand the situation first, and then start to prepare the relevant materials for the declaration of incentive funds. The person in charge of an energy-saving service company shortlisted for filing in Beijing told this newspaper

on April 2, 2010, the four ministries and commissions jointly issued the opinions on accelerating the implementation of contract energy management and promoting the development of energy-saving service industry. Since then, the state has given support to energy-saving service companies in terms of capital, tax reduction, financial accounting system and financing. Last year, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance also jointly allocated 2billion funds to support the development of energy-saving service companies

the policy is good, but not many enterprises really enjoy the preferential policies. At the 2010 annual summit of China's energy-saving service industry held on January 13 this year, Cha Aijun, Department of economic construction of the Ministry of finance, said: the money for energy management contracts has been arranged, but it has not been spent. With a budget of 2billion yuan, only 1.2 billion yuan has been delegated

why? The person in charge of several enterprises told this newspaper that the current policy is difficult to implement. Taking the preferential tax policy of "three exemptions and three reductions by half" as an example, the person in charge of an energy-saving service enterprise once said to this newspaper: at present, we have no tax exemption at all. The staff of relevant departments do not know about this policy, that is, there are contradictions between this policy and other policies, and they still need to study it

she is interested in the huge potential of the contract energy management industry. Yeqian, general manager of the fifth division of Shanghai Academy of Building Sciences Co., Ltd., who has rich engineering experience in building energy conservation, has established a contract energy management company under the group. She told this newspaper that, compared with more financial and fiscal policy support, the contract energy management company needs the implementation of existing policies. The central government has issued a policy, which will take a long time to implement in local areas and industries. Yeqian laments that the new policies just introduced often collide with the old policies. She admitted that although the state's determination to vigorously promote energy contract management is beyond doubt, the company has not been successful in obtaining land and finding funds, because there are many rules for macro management. For example, the tax deduction policy has indeed been introduced. However, the financial department has a look and collided with the previous provisions. In other words, the general rules have been established, but the detailed rules have not. Yeqian said that she hoped to make an interface to continue the policies before and after

the filing list has also become an obstacle to the development of some enterprises. The Department Manager of a company in Beijing told this newspaper that it was difficult for them to talk about the project because their company was not included in the filing list. Each other will give priority to the enterprises shortlisted for filing. In our view, the filing list plays a brand effect. He said that the time for the country to apply for the filing list is uncertain every year. We are in the entrepreneurial period. When we applied last year, most of us were working on projects in other places, so we didn't catch up. At that time, we didn't care. Now it seems that we must prepare the application materials well this year

wangshumao, executive director of the energy conservation promotion project office of the national development and Reform Commission, told this newspaper that it is good that the starting point of the national policy will be severely investigated through legal means. All localities must also pay close attention to the formulation of detailed rules and implement the policies. Only in this way can we truly benefit the development of energy-saving service enterprises

energy saving service mode to be innovated

contract energy management is a service mechanism that uses market means to promote energy conservation, which is widely implemented in developed countries. Contract energy management was introduced into China in the late 1990s. In the past two years, with the increase of national energy conservation and emission reduction efforts, contract energy management began to really enter people's vision

China's contracted energy management does not completely copy the experience of the West. It has also integrated Chinese characteristics. Wangshumao told this newspaper

it is understood that most energy-saving companies focus on a certain field at present. Zeng Wu, general manager of cecep Environmental Protection Technology Investment Co., Ltd., mentioned that energy-saving companies should be specialized in building energy conservation rather than industrial energy conservation. There are several leading companies in each branch. Central enterprises should also focus on it and should not eat it all. So, does the service mode of energy-saving service companies still need innovation? Not long ago, a new service model appeared in front of people, which also aroused the discussion of people in the industry

it is understood that ideal Weiye energy saving investment Co., Ltd. has put forward the concept of China's first energy-saving supermarket, that is, by integrating high-quality resources in the domestic energy-saving service field, forming a broad cooperation alliance, creating a comprehensive energy-saving service platform, providing integrated supply of energy-saving products, technologies, information, projects, funds, talents, services and other whole industry chains, and providing energy-saving and emission reduction system solutions for energy consuming users, Realize seamless connection and provide one-stop services. For an enterprise, we can provide a variety of energy-saving services such as building energy conservation and lighting energy conservation. Customers do not need to look for different energy-saving service companies for different energy-saving fields. Dupeng, sales director of ideal Weiye, told this newspaper

after the emergence of the ideal Weiye operation mode, some people in the industry have raised the suspicion that the quality control system has the power-off memory function. It seems that they prefer the nature of intermediary. An insider told the newspaper that I think energy-saving companies should develop in a professional direction

after the operation of energy-saving supermarket, many experts recognized it. Academician niuwenyuan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and counsellor of the State Council, said that energy-saving supermarkets are very creative during the investigation. Niuwenyuan said: supermarkets are all-round. They have both products and services. They are also slowly entering the virtual economy, including carbon trading, carbon tax, carbon compensation, etc. they will be gradually included. This is a bright prospect and a good start for everyone. Yu Bin, director of the Macroeconomic Research Department of the development research center of the State Council, also believes that it is of great practical significance to study the development strategy of China's energy-saving service industry by taking the operation mode of energy-saving supermarkets as a case

there are mixed praise and criticism. How should we treat the operation mode of energy contract management? An unnamed expert told this newspaper that after the market test, there will be an answer, whether it is the traditional model or the energy-saving supermarket

promoting energy conservation during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the outline of the 12th Five year plan released on March 16 clearly stated that: improve the energy-saving market mechanism, accelerate the implementation of contract energy management and power demand side management, and improve the energy efficiency labeling, energy-saving product certification and government compulsory procurement system for energy-saving products. Promote advanced energy-saving technologies and products. Strengthen energy conservation capacity building. We will carry out energy-saving and low-carbon actions for tens of thousands of enterprises and further promote the national action on energy conservation and emission reduction

the energy-saving service industry is facing an unprecedented good environment during the 12th Five Year Plan period, both in terms of market and policy environment. Kangyanbing, director of the clean development center of the energy swing frame Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said. Hushanying, director of the industrial eco industry research center of Tsinghua University, also revealed that the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology is planning to establish an energy conservation management center in enterprises to conduct energy audit on enterprises and promote energy conservation and emission reduction

the spring of the development of energy-saving service companies has really come. An Zhou, manager of the Technology Department of China energy deep thinking Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., talked about the 12th Five Year Plan, and his joy was beyond words. An Zhou said that he was not worried about the continued growth of thousands of energy-saving service companies. I trust our team. He said

as for the financing difficulties of energy-saving service companies, several enterprises interviewed said that they are not worried at present. We have raised a considerable amount of funds, so we are not worried about this problem. The heads of several enterprises told this newspaper

in this regard, wangshumao reminded: energy saving service companies will develop rapidly during the 12th Five Year Plan period, but there must be many problems. From the perspective of industry rules, a new round of integration and reshuffle may begin again

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