Connection method of 8 wires of the hottest networ

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There are two methods for connecting eight wires of the line

the line is a cross line and a parallel (straight through) line

the method for a cross line is: 568a standard is adopted at one end and 568B standard is adopted at the other end

the method for a parallel (straight through) line is: 568a standard or 568B standard is adopted at both ends (the current method for equipping 568B parallel (straight through) lines with a travel of less than 500mm is generally used)

568a standard: white green, green, white orange, Blue, white blue, orange, white brown, brown

568b standard: white orange, orange, white green, blue, "Ueda Yingzhi said that the use of white blue, green and white aluminum is gradually expanding brown. The difference between the two methods is that white orange (white green) and green (Orange) can be exchanged

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