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Construction and commissioning equipment of Weibo raw material processing base recently, the cadres and employees of Zhicheng new materials company have been particularly busy. Everyone is working day and night for the transmission and construction of the (6) power of the raw material processing base at Lianghekou

since the start of the project, general manager xiezhaohui has been busy with daily work management, and almost every day he has taken time to check the progress at the construction site. Duanhongzhigang, the deputy general manager, came back from a business trip in Tibet without stopping. However, he Guangming, a retired consultant who is over 60 years old and has been re employed, and Zhan Dongwen, the project leader, are stationed at the construction site. They sometimes discuss with the construction personnel and sometimes remind them to pay attention to safety, which makes them very busy

in fact, during the whole construction process of the project, the most busy is the more than ten welding tongs. Most of them are from the former glass ball company and Sichuan Huayuan, among which there are many teachers who have been engaged in welding for decades, as well as young men who have just obtained intermediate technical titles. After receiving the construction assistance task, they go all out into the project construction. Yuchunhua and lishujun, two advanced models rated as "top ten excellent employees of Weibo", as machine maintenance personnel of the unit, shoulder the heavy burden in the construction process of the project

since they entered the site in October, they got up early and felt dark, rode two rounds to work every day, accompanied by welding guns all day, and climbed to a height of more than ten meters to weld and install the equipment. In order not to affect the progress of the project, they worked overtime and burned the midnight oil. Seeing three sets of brand-new domestic advanced mill equipment rise from the ground, the powder processing capacity will reach 30000 tons per year. 2 Our company is responsible for providing users with measurement and testing technical consulting services free of charge; Joy far exceeded their physical exhaustion

according to the introduction, in order to reduce costs and further optimize the process flow, the leaders of the company, while making a large number of visits to the market and purchasing materials and equipment by comparing quality and price, have mobilized all cadres and workers to use their brains and ideas to do a good job in the project construction. They made full use of the existing idle assets of the cement plant, strengthened the transformation of machinery and equipment, and saved millions of yuan in the construction of two large three-dimensional cylindrical silos through repair, maintenance and reuse

the successful completion of the project marks a new step in the in-depth development of Weibo industry, which will meet the precautions and operation process requirements for the production of steel bar zigzag testing machines by the major tank kilns in the park to the greatest extent, effectively reduce the production cost and greatly shorten the gap with the three major tank kilns in China. Up to now, the main equipment of the project has been installed, and the supporting feeding system, finished powder collection and storage system, microcomputer batching and equipment control system are in the process of commissioning. It is expected that the project can be put into operation smoothly in the first ten days of December

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