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The configuration and examples of the color digital short edition printing system can also encourage other local companies to adopt such environmental protection materials (V)

return on investment. Investment should be rewarded, which is the most important thing for investors and the premise for their further development. Whether you choose any configuration scheme of HP color digital short edition printing system, the prospect of investment recovery and continuous development is very optimistic

the single platform A4 format configuration scheme and the single platform A3 format configuration scheme have less investment and can achieve profits earlier. However, due to the impact of scale and software adaptability, investors and customers can only be limited to community services and small and medium-sized urban areas

the multi platform configuration scheme has relatively large investment and high requirements for personnel quality, which can form scale benefits in a short time. With its high production efficiency and adaptability, the added value of the product is relatively higher. It has the strongest vitality in the market, "murielginollin added. The return on investment is also large. Of course, successful advertising and having a large business volume are also important guarantees for high profits

the printing cost is applicable to any configuration scheme. The specific contents are as follows: the cost of a single sheet is A4, the coverage rate is 20%, the market quotation is about 4 yuan, the cost is about 1.5 yuan, and the profit accounts for more than 50%. If the average daily business volume is 1500 yuan and the gross profit is about 1000 yuan, it can be calculated that the total investment should be recovered in about one year

pvc Portrait card take the market standard card as an example, the market quotation is about 8 yuan, using Business Inkjet c2 The grip attachment spring of the right angle of the large diameter extensometer is too hard. The cost of the p1700 PVC card solution is about 0.5 yuan, and the profit margin is very large. The setting of the experimental parameters is considerable

printing example of HP color digital short edition printing system

if the printing products of HP color LaserJet 5500 and HP color LaserJet 4600 laser printers are compared with traditional printing products, some users will find that a few printing products will have a certain gap with traditional printing products when the printing bottom is full and light. Although this phenomenon is common in the digital printing industry, HP is also trying to solve this technical problem. I believe that the new HP series digital printing system will be better and more perfect in the near future

this plan focuses on the future of the whole short edition printing industry, and provides all colleagues who are interested in short edition printing with a best matching plan between HP prime high-end printers and other post press processing equipment, as well as market and profit evaluation. It will help you make the right choice in the fierce market competition, further develop its potential market and obtain higher profit return, Make your enterprise mature and develop faster

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