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On March 17, a brief introduction to the spot PP market of China Plastics Co., Ltd.

China Plastics price index rose 4.52 points to 1298.92 points; The China Plastics spot index rose 1.58 points to 1263.5 points

I. upstream express:

crude oil futures closed slightly lower on Friday, with sharp intraday fluctuations, although other markets were targeted at bearstearnsco But the oil market was not affected. The settlement price of light sweet crude oil futures for April delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $0.12, or 0.1%, to $110.21 a barrel. This is the first decline in the delivery contract of less than four large fertilizer plants in recent months in a week. The settlement price of April Brent crude oil futures on the ICE Futures Exchange rose $0.01 to $107.55 a barrel; The contract expires on Friday. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures in May, with more active trading, fell $0.25 to $106.20

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Jinan Refinery PP plant produces film material T36F, and the ex factory price rises by 300 yuan: the drawing material T30S is 12000 yuan/ton; Note: plastic v30g is 12000 yuan/ton, fiber Z30S is 12100 yuan/ton, and film T36F is 12100 yuan/ton

Luoyang Petrochemical PP produces fibers, and the ex factory price rises by 300 yuan: the price of wire drawing F401 is 12000 yuan/ton, the price of fibers ys835, ys830 and S is 12100 yuan/ton, the price of plastic injection j600 is 12000 yuan/ton, and the film jf300 is not exported

Tianjin United PP plant produces T30S today, and the latest ex factory price of wire drawing is increased by 300 yuan/ton: the price of wire drawing T30S is 12000 yuan/ton, and the price of copolymer EPS30R is 12250 yuan/ton. It is reported that the manufacturer's inventory is average

Qilu Petrochemical PP produces about 380million waste refills per month across the country today, with a daily output of EPS30R. The latest price: the price of drawing T30S is increased by 300 yuan/ton to 12050 yuan/ton, the price of copolymerization EPS30R is 12350 yuan/ton, the price of eps30ra is 12400 yuan/ton, and the price of automobile special material SP179 is 12350 yuan/ton. The ex factory price of qp83n is 12100 yuan/ton. The load of the unit will be reduced due to cracking maintenance in the near future

drawing T30S produced by Zhongyuan Petrochemical PP plant. Today's ex factory price rose by 300 yuan: the latest ex factory price of wire drawing T30S is 12000 yuan/ton. The manufacturer doesn't have much inventory

III. local market conditions:

this morning, the PP market continued to improve as a whole. Sinopec Beijing Rose 300 yuan today, and the market mentality was optimistic. However, due to the digested positive factors in advance and the flat demand, it was difficult to accept the rising quotation, so the North China market did not react strongly in the morning. The market price in East China rose today, and it was rumored that Sinopec Shanghai increased its price. The market mentality was encouraged, and the quotation rose, but the transaction was average. The supply of goods in the South China market is extremely scarce, and traders have limited shipments, and the quotations of some brands have increased

the PP market in Beijing today was affected by the rise of 300 yuan/ton of PP from the Beijing Branch. The market fell into a wait-and-see situation, and the upward momentum remained unabated, making traders calm in their mentality of shipping at high prices. They were not in a hurry to ship, and there were not many transactions. The overall market was optimistic, the overall supply of goods was not much, the downstream receiving atmosphere warmed up, and the traders' mentality was good

the price of PP in Qilu Chemical City rose today, and traders' confidence in PP rebounded and their mentality was optimistic. Qilu wire drawing T30S has a market quotation of 12500 yuan/ton, with a small supply. The latest quotation of Qilu copolymerization EPS30R is 13100 yuan/ton, and the supply volume is acceptable. The price of SP179 is yuan/ton, and the goods are few. At present, the supply of PP is small, the downstream demand has recovered, and traders are optimistic about the recent market

Shunde PP's mentality has improved. Today's price is flat and stable, the downstream construction is gradually restored, the overall supply of goods is small, trade confidence is rising, and the trading atmosphere is good. Traders are optimistic about the recent market, but operate cautiously

it is difficult to find goods in Xiamen PP market today, and the quotation is on the high side. There is a shortage of goods in the market, and the enthusiasm of retail investors to find goods is high, but large investors close more. The mainstream of wire drawing continues to consolidate and improve its leading edge in related fields at about 12600 yuan/ton; Hainan v30g is about 12450 yuan/ton; Fushun film material RF075 is 12500 yuan/ton

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