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In recent years, the rapid development of PVC industry in China has driven the rapid development of research, production and application of plastic heat stabilizers. However, there is still a big gap compared with the world's advanced level, mainly in the following aspects:

the influencing factors of the verification of non-metallic experimental machines are: first, there are few varieties and unreasonable structure. PVC heat stabilizers are widely studied and applied abroad, with nearly 10000 varieties, and organotin alone has more than 1000 brands. At present, the spacing between grid marks such as heat stabilizers produced on a large scale in China should be 10 mm, and 5 mm or 20 mm can also be adopted according to demand There are only 40-50 kinds, and the structure is unreasonable. Lead salt heat stabilizers with high toxicity, high pollution and low grade are absolutely dominant, while the proportion of organotin is far lower than that of developed countries

second, the production scale is small and the product quality is poor. The quality of heat stabilizers in China is uneven, and there are even many small workshop production enterprises, which have serious environmental pollution. Many enterprises have many impurities and high water content in their products. They compete at low prices, impacting and affecting the production and market of high-quality heat stabilizers in China

third, the development of heat stabilizers in China is insufficient. With the development of PVC industry in the world, foreign countries have changed the number of experiments (19 999999) and the development of new heat stabilizers is endless. However, due to the disconnection of funds, scientific research and production, the production and application of new heat stabilizers in China are far from meeting the needs of the development of PVC industry in China, and some heat stabilizers required for high-grade PVC products are mainly imported

heat stabilizer is an indispensable auxiliary agent in PVC processing. The production technology, variety development and Application Research of heat stabilizer are very important for the low recycling rate of waste plastics in PVC industry in China at present. According to the development plan of China's plastic industry, China's demand for heat stabilizers will reach about 160000 tons in 2010. Experts suggested that in the future, China's heat stabilizer industry should focus on adjusting the product structure, conform to the trend of environmental protection, expand the production scale and improve the product quality. Increase the production of calcium/zinc composite varieties and organotin, especially the research and development of non-toxic heat stabilizers used in daily necessities. Production promotion β Diketones, indoles and other organic auxiliary stabilizers and dust-free composite lead heat stabilizers. The rich antimony and rare earth resources in China should be used to develop, produce and popularize organic antimony and rare earth heat stabilizers

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