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Shenzhen Hardware stamping processing factory shares the use classification of hardware accessories

Shenzhen Hardware stamping processing factory shares the use classification of hardware accessories

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Shenzhen Hardware stamping processing factory has a long history and has accumulated a good relationship for a rare all-round manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta. There are special channels for raw material purchase, and it has the price advantage of being superior to its competitors, Welcome customers and friends to consult. Our factory upholds the 24-year-old reputation of Shenzhen Hardware Factory, and the price is natural and fair, so as to seek long-term cooperation and common career development

company purpose: survive with quality and develop with reputation. Our ideas for formulating the plan are as follows: exhibition. As long as it is metal, as long as it belongs to stamping, and others can't make complete molds and processing facilities, we can do it! Because we are more experienced than others! More technology! There are many kinds of hardware accessories in the market. Hardware accessories are indispensable everywhere in our life. In addition to "big hardware" and "small hardware", there are many other ways to distinguish it. Shenzhen Hardware stamping manufacturers here, first of all, according to the different places where hardware accessories are used, simply classify hardware accessories for you, and provide you with some small suggestions on choosing hardware accessories

I. Shenzhen Hardware stamping manufacturers explain the classification of hardware accessories

(1) household hardware accessories: nails, screws, hinges, hinges, handles, hangers, foot yards, baskets, heading machines, turntables, zippers, elevators, springs, gun nails, slideways, partition pins, sinks, drawers, lockers, floor cabinets, baseboards, hangers, faucets, spotlights, steel pumps, knife and fork plates, locks, hanging wheels, floor suction, handles Support, window hook, floor spring, door mirror, bolt and lock should not only ensure the quality of equipment box, wind brace, pulley, door flower, steel appliance, etc. when purchasing

(2) mechanical hardware: fasteners, rolling bearings, belts and chains, lubricating parts, keys and splines, keys and splines, welding equipment, lifting equipment, etc

(3) building hardware: building profiles and structural parts, building doors and windows and their hardware accessories, nails and, plumbing equipment, fire equipment and automatic fire alarm devices

(4) electrical hardware: general purpose wires and cables, buttons and switches, relay contactors, electromagnetic starters and electromagnets, fuses, circuit breakers and leakage protectors, control transformers and signal lamps, AC motors, electrical instruments, etc

(5) hardware tools: hand tools, civil tools, plumbing tools, decorative Engineering hand tools, electrical tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, gardening tools, etc

II. Hardware stamping manufacturers teach you the standard of choosing hardware accessories

(1) flexibility: no matter what the classification of hardware accessories is, they are more flexible, such as slides and lockers. If they are used only, they will have an impact on daily life

(2) tightness: only when the hardware fittings are well sealed can there be no potential safety hazards, especially when used in the bathroom

(3) Aesthetics: most of the time, hardware accessories are not only practical, but also act as decorations. For example, hanging mirrors, with various shapes and rich colors, are also a highlight in the room. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the beauty of hardware accessories when shopping. Here we need to talk about electroplating. For example, iron and copper hardware accessories will produce rust and copper rust when they are damp. These hardware accessories are generally electroplated. Not only the universal gloss sales testing machine, impact testing machine, pressure testing machine, fatigue testing machine and other testing machines can stand on each other's point of view to think well, but also prevent rust

Shenzhen Hardware stamping processing factory is subordinate to Shenzhen Jiawei Hardware Products Co., Ltd. if it must be wiped, it should be wiped carefully - its predecessor is Shenzhen Jiawei hardware products factory, which was founded in 1995. It is the earliest member of Guangdong Hardware Products Association. It has been established for 24 years, won the Title of national high-tech enterprise and the title of contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Guangdong Province, and has established and passed the examination to obtain intellectual property gb/t), Jiawei old factory is located in Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, specializing in metal stamping and metal mold making. In addition, it has one branch factory and two workshops. The branch factory is located in Pinghu Zhuzai Bay Industrial Park, and is mainly engaged in hardware stamping processing, independent mold manufacturing, metal support/metal shrapnel, various metal shells/cans/boxes manufacturing, CNC parts and other hardware accessories

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