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Hardware market e-commerce will promote international trade in the future

at present, the larger markets in the hardware industry are mainly concentrated in mechanical hardware, which is mainly suitable for measuring the microhardness of micro, thin and surface infiltrated coated specimens and the Knoop hardness of brittle and hard materials such as glass, ceramics, agate and artificial gemstones It is an ideal hardness testing instrument for research and testing by scientific research institutions, enterprises and quality inspection departments Here are a few pieces of building hardware, decorative hardware, daily hardware and so on. Experts predict that by 2020, the proportion of China's industrial added value in the global industrial added value will increase from 5.72% in 2000 to more than 10%; The proportion of manufactured goods exports in global manufactured goods exports will increase from 5.22% in 2000 to more than 10%. At that time, China will also have a number of powerful hardware manufacturing groups, forming a number of distinctive and internationally renowned hardware manufacturing centers

after decades of accumulation and steady improvement, China's hardware industry is now a country with large output in the world, and its exports grow steadily every year. Among them, the export amount of tool products is relatively large, amounting to 5.34 billion US dollars; The second is construction hardware, with us $4.34 billion. The export of faucets is 2.23 billion US dollars, and the export of locks is 680million US dollars. The countries with large export volume are the United States, Japan, Europe and South Korea. The annual export of China's hardware industry is growing at a rate of about 8%. Last year, the export volume of hardware products exceeded 5billion US dollars, ranking third in the export ranking of light industry. Due to the improvement of China's hardware manufacturing level and the expansion of production capacity, China's hardware products are expected to maintain a steady growth of more than 10% per year in the next five years. In the first 10 months, the import and export volume of China's hardware and electromechanical products exceeded US $500billion. The surplus further expanded, reaching US $7.06 billion, accounting for 64% of the national trade surplus in the same period

the hardware industry has great development potential and attractive market opportunities. Luo Baihui, head of the international mold and plastic hardware industry suppliers association, pointed out that the current development characteristics of China's hardware industry show six major trends: exports surge, with obvious comparative advantages; The operation of capital is active, driving the sharing of resources among enterprises; The polarization of enterprises brings market rationality; The increase of high-tech content will enhance the market competitiveness of products. "Internationalization of domestic competition and localization of international competition" will be the characteristics of the development of China's hardware industry in the next few years

1. Its position as a global hardware manufacturing center will be further consolidated

China has relatively perfect economic facilities, mature industrial development and low labor costs, and has the comparative advantage of becoming a global hardware manufacturing center. The hardware manufacturing industry has obvious export-oriented development characteristics. The strengthening of the central position is first reflected in the overall growth of the export of hardware products in recent years: the export growth rate of major hardware products is higher than the growth rate of output, and is higher than the growth rate of domestic market sales supported by the national large aircraft major science and technology special material development project; Major hardware and electrical products are in full bloom, and the traditional export categories of electric tools, hand tools, and construction hardware products have a high growth rate. The huge market and central position will further attract the transfer of manufacturing centers of hardware multinational companies to China

2. The capital operation in the industry will become active, and the cooperation between enterprises will be significantly strengthened

in the global competitive environment, in order to obtain a favorable competitive position and improve competitiveness, industrial capital is another theme of industry operation. SUPOR and vantage were listed successively in 2004, and Hongbao is also actively working for the listing. Wanhe's capital market operation will not stop because of the failure of restructuring with yuemeiya. From the perspective of capital, the current main feature is that the expansion of capital is intensifying. From the perspective of competitive behavior, the cooperation of resource sharing among enterprises is increasing

3. The polarization of enterprises will further intensify

the next few years will be a period of high-speed shock in the hardware industry. The direct consequence of this high-speed shock is that it leads to polarization in the current hardware kitchen and bathroom brand camp. 2. The choice of resin has an expanding trend of influence on the mechanical properties of products. It is expected that there will not be as many hardware enterprises that can really survive in the market in the next few years. However, this high-speed shock in the hardware industry will bring great opportunities, and the result of the shock will make the market operation more rational

4. Sales channels will undergo profound changes, and the competition among channels will become increasingly fierce

with its broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantages, large retailers will increasingly control production enterprises in terms of product pricing, payment delivery, etc. At the same time, the requirements of the international market for China's hardware products will also gradually develop and change, and there will be higher requirements for the quality, packaging and delivery period of the products tested by the arithmetic mean value of 10 samples in China, and even gradually extend to the production process and product research and development, combining products with environmental protection, energy resources and human environment

5. The market competition will shift from price to high-quality and high-tech products

with the deepening of competition, the profit space of each stage of the hardware industry chain is being compressed, and the space for price reduction is decreasing day by day. More and more enterprises realize that price competition alone cannot establish core competitiveness and is not the direction of long-term development, so they try to explore a new development path. Many hardware enterprises have increased technological investment, developed new products with high-tech content, took product differentiation as a long-term plan for enterprise development, sought new market demand, and established new economic growth points (such as small household appliances and other similar industries), so as to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises

6. The integration of domestic and foreign enterprises will be further accelerated

in order to improve their own strength and expand the international market faster, domestic hardware enterprises will accelerate the integration with foreign enterprises through various means to improve product quality and competitiveness. While continuing to expand the markets of traditional countries such as the United States and Japan, it will also blossom in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and so on

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