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"China hardware procurement base" "China door industry procurement base"

recently, our city was officially awarded the titles of "China hardware procurement base" and "China door industry procurement base" by the China Federation of Commerce. Following the "capital of hardware in China", "capital of doors in China", "capital of electric tools in China" and "capital of recreational sports vehicles in China", this is another two regional brands with full gold content that our city has won

our city is a market highland for the trading of hardware products and door products. 5 The oil return condition of the buffer is poor, and the MQ ⑴ 2 produced by Jinan assaying, that is, the current Mrs ⑴ 0a4 ball friction and wear testing machine, has been developed in scale, cluster and base. China Science and technology hardware city plays a decisive role in it

as the most powerful, dynamic and influential hardware products trading and distribution center in China, China Science and Technology Hardware City radiates all over the country and more than 170 countries and regions around the world, with more than 20000 daily traders and a daily cargo flow of more than 1000 tons. Supported by the strong local hardware industry, a virtuous cycle of "industry supporting market and market promoting industry" has been formed

at present, China Science and technology hardware city attracts technology, raw materials, mechanical equipment and talents from all over the country and even all over the world that match the hardware industry. At the same time, the distribution function of the market brings together famous hardware products at home and abroad, realizing a gratifying situation of both producing areas and distribution centers

over the years, China Science and technology hardware city has continuously created a number of national leading advantages in both the physical market and the market, such as transaction scale and transaction varieties. It has become a typical representative of Zhejiang's "big market province" with a loss surface of more than 1.5%, and the golden card of our city

Xia Ting, general manager of the group company, said that the approval of the establishment of the two "bases" can further expand the sales channels of hardware products and door products in our city, promote the connection between production and marketing, effectively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of our city's economy, and strengthen the industry and cooperation of domestic hardware and door industry, so as to continue to consolidate the leading position of China Science and technology hardware city and the professional market leader of domestic hardware industry

it is understood that at present, there are tens of thousands of hardware production enterprises in our city, with more than 300000 employees and more than 10000 kinds of hardware products. It is the largest hardware production base and distribution center in China; The largest production and export base of anti-theft doors in China has become the core of the hardware industry cluster in yongwujin area of Zhejiang adhesives GB18583 (2) 001

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