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Analysis of factors restricting the development of water-based Wood Coatings in China

water based wood coatings have a history of more than ten years in China. Why has the development of water-based Wood Coatings been painless? Moreover, among all water-based coatings, why has the development and sales of water-based wood paint not improved, and there is no breakthrough in technology? People engaged in this industry will also find it difficult to find jobs and have no future. Empty legs can't find the way; You can't see the light with two eyes open. It is the same old saying: "the future is bright, and the road is tortuous"

own health. In the past, China has a large population, backward economy and poverty, which directly led to people's neglect of health. When everyone really cares, then water will naturally be called the real mainstream. With the increasing demands of migrant workers, not only in terms of salary, but also in terms of working environment, when migrant workers begin to pay attention to their health, their awareness of environmental protection will also be improved, and water-based coatings will surely usher in a leap forward development

the reasons that restrict the development of water-based coatings are as follows:

first, China's oil-based coatings are quite mature and have good operability. Furniture manufacturers are unwilling to replace them because of high production efficiency. The operating conditions are relatively harsh and the cost is relatively high. Most of the physical properties are not as good as the water-based wood paint of oil-based coatings; Second, the habit of Chinese people is: whether furniture or home cabinets and other wood products, after painting, they all want to be in good condition for at least 10 or 8 years, and they are all traditional eyes, requiring very high gloss; This directly led to the distorted development of water-based paint. In Europe and the United States, everyone likes DIY, and repaint the furniture and other wood products at home every six months or one year. Third, at present, the state has not issued a comprehensive policy to ban the use of oily coatings, and according to the actual situation, it is impossible to issue a comprehensive policy in the near future. Fourth, we all think that non environmental friendly things are polluted in the furniture factory, and the impact is not so great when they reach the hands of customers. (in fact, the release time of harmful substances is not only a few weeks or months. For example, the release time of formaldehyde can last for as long as 10). Fifth, the price is high. The price of water-based coatings is several times that of solvent based coatings. The resin of solvent based coating is all organic matter (mainly from oil and coal), while at least 50% of the resin of water-based coating is water, and the cost of water is certainly lower than that of organic matter

why is the cost of water-based coatings higher than that of solvent based coatings? First, most of the research and development technology of waterborne lotion is in the hands of a few foreign enterprises; Second, most of the water-based lotion production plants with good performance are abroad, and the transportation cost is high; Third, the research and development cost of raw materials of water-based coatings is high, and the sales volume is low. If the dosage is up, it can occupy more than 50% of the coating, and the cost of water-based coatings will certainly be lower than that of solvent based coatings, and it will be much lower

for painters, they used to be used to the operation specifications of solvent based coatings, so they should re operate the construction of water-based coatings, and they should re learn, and the drying of water-based coatings is relatively slow. If painters work on a piecework basis, they prefer solvent based coatings. But then again, you are reluctant to make water-based paint and oil-based paint. Therefore, the future of waterborne coatings is bright on the whole

of course, the ultimate future of water-based coatings is not in the hands of customers, but in the hands of government departments. Because the influence of solvent type on users is relatively small. The key is the potential harm to the air, operators and all living people! And will cause long-term harm to the environment of the whole country

in terms of technology, self drying waterborne coatings need to be combined with production technology and practical application. The application of self drying water-based coatings has high environmental requirements and general overall performance. Therefore, in the research and development stage, it is necessary to pay more attention to the actual application environment, and adjust the formula in time according to the actual application environment of users. Another is that for self drying water-based coatings, when designing the production formula, we should consider the regional environment and climate of specific users, as well as the seasonal changes in spring, autumn, winter and summer. To make self drying water-based coatings, it is best to have the same product with different formulas, and 2. The tightening performance of high and low temperature experimental machine should not be adjusted at high temperature. When applying self drying water-based coatings, I once told the manufacturer that you should design different formulas according to different climatic conditions and adjust them in time. If the same product has the same formula throughout the year, this self drying water-based coating will definitely have no market. If the same product has the same formula in the southeast and northwest, there will also be no market. The key is our technical personnel engaged in formulation design. Many of them are halfway monks, and few really understand water-based coatings. Moreover, the film-forming mechanism of water-based coatings has not been really explained. Moreover, when designing the formula of self drying water-based coatings, we should not have too high requirements for the use environment, especially for the humidity when the load can no longer rise, and at the same time, we should pay attention to that water-based coatings are most afraid of water. This may be the most fatal feature of water-based coatings. The water-based coating system itself is an unstable system. Each additive needs to be emulsified before it can be added to the water-based formula. The surface tension of water itself is high, and the evaporation enthalpy is high. All these factors lead to the instability of the water-based system, which is very sensitive to the surrounding environment in the film-forming process

the author believes that if we want to study the development of a new industry, we must analyze it from the whole industrial chain. If you only stand in a certain link, for example: only staring at a certain defect of water-based paint, the final result will only be standing still and complaining. We should analyze the driving force of the initial development of new industries, the driving force of rapid development, and the conditions required for rapid development

at present, our waterborne industrial coatings have made preliminary development in various fields, which indicates that the market or users have such needs, which represents the future development direction. However, if we want an industrial chain to move in this direction on a large scale, we must understand that the entire industrial chain must benefit from it, and we can't do without any link. At this point, water-based wood paint has not reached. This also requires us to contribute more wisdom to solve this problem. If this problem is solved, the industry will have the conditions for development

but if we want to develop rapidly, we need to be clear. Will the state introduce a regulation that is not in line with the current market situation? For example, at present, there are many domestic manufacturers developing waterborne wood coatings, but how many of them really have a high level of R & D strength? This R & D strength does not mean that the laboratory makes a board, but that it has the ability to analyze and solve various problems from laboratory to production to practical application

imagine that if 10-20% of our coating manufacturers have the R & D technology of water-based coatings (which has also solved the interests of the entire industrial chain and has the conditions for promotion), the country should find ways to introduce policies to promote the rapid development of the entire market. When the teeth are damaged, perhaps the spring of the development of water-based coatings will really come! (Huo Xuemei)

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