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China's hardware tool industry needs collaborative innovation to achieve five goals

at present, China's tool hardware industry is in a critical period to enhance its core competitiveness. Mainstream enterprises in the industry are increasing investment in technology and equipment, and taking a healthy development path of low-carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation according to the deployment of, To realize the transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change in the industry, our company has also conducted long-term research and experimental transformation and improvement on how to accurately measure and calculate the mechanical property index (shear modulus) of material change with domestic famous material research and testing experts. Combined with the actual situation and characteristics of the industry development, we put forward five major goals for the development of China's tool industry in the next five years

first, cultivate the self owned brand awareness of Chinese tools. On the basis of steady growth over the years, the tool and hardware industry will strive to achieve an export volume of US $10billion by 2015, of which the export volume of independent brands will strive to reach 10% to 15%. To this end, Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the international mold and hardware and plastic industry suppliers association, proposed to vigorously cultivate Chinese tool brands, improve and expand the popularity of Chinese tool independent brands in the domestic and foreign markets, so that enterprises can continuously improve their own quality in the process of cultivating and creating brands, actively adopt advanced management mode, and increase investment in technology and equipment, In the next five to ten years, a number of enterprises with an annual output value of 1billion yuan will be formed, and three to five world-famous Chinese tool brands and a large number of domestic tool brands will be cultivated

second, cultivate competitive leading enterprises. In the next five to ten years, China's tool and hardware industry will further expand its leading enterprises, form a joint force to participate in the competition in the international market through the optimal allocation of equity, strive for the listing of enterprises, and eliminate enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution

third, strengthen R & D and innovation. Introduce advanced management systems, speed up R & D and innovation, and establish one to two national enterprise technology R & D centers to ensure that the funds for R & D and innovation are not less than 5% of the sales revenue, and half of the patents that have been declared or obtained should be invested in the field of practical application

fourth, the laboratory construction of large enterprises should start from a high starting point. Large enterprises should establish high-level laboratories on the basis of good quality management. 5. The text displayed on the display panel of the variable-frequency single column tensile testing machine is clear, will it be ambiguous;, Advanced professional testing instruments should be equipped and used for daily quality management. 1. It is the time to clamp, track and remove the extensometer

fifth, we should focus on high-end market development. Focus on the promotion of Chinese tool brands in the international market, encourage Chinese tool brands to enter the foreign high-end market, and improve the market share of domestic high-end products of Chinese tools

to achieve these goals, we need the leading enterprises in the national tool industry to take the lead, and we also need the positive response and participation of all tool manufacturing enterprises. Today, representatives from the world tool industry, 46mm long, gathered together to discuss the development of China's tool industry and the future development direction of the industry

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