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Hardware tools industry has a huge space for future development

with the increasingly strong market demand at home and abroad, after more than 20 years of development, hardware tools have become one of the most profound industries in China's scientific and technological hardware market. In recent years, hardware tools products have entered the golden sales period. With the increasingly vigorous market demand at home and abroad, after more than 20 years of development, hardware tools have become one of the most profound industries in China's scientific and technological hardware market. In recent years, hardware tools products have entered the golden sales period

previously, miscellaneous hardware tools were favored by African consumers. Nowadays, with the increasing number of wealthy people in Africa, the popularity of hardware tools is simply unimaginable. Hardware tools have won a large market share in the domestic and foreign markets with their affordable prices and excellent quality

after investigation, we found that in the design of the whole kitchen, the market demand will increase by 16% every year, which shows that there is still a lot of room for the development of the hardware industry

the survey of the hardware market shows that about 70% of the demand for hardware products comes from house decoration, and 40% of the products depend on the supply capacity of some domestic hardware suppliers

worldwide, the consumption of hardware industry in personalization, focusing on quality, reasonable price, etc. more constitute a batch of landmark cutting-edge new material innovation achievements and typical utilization choices. Hardware is changing from the tool industry in the traditional sense to the fashion industry

in the future development, the hardware tool industry also needs to explore new ways, such as building a rural market, which will be a clear choice of industry direction. It is a big trend to develop the township market with great potential for hardware tools, and it is also a fertile land for cultivating brands. However, opportunities and challenges coexist:

first, the leading role of the industry is not strong. The leading backbone enterprises in the hardware tool industry have no obvious advantages in technology and overall industrial competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets

second, the technological innovation ability is weak, and the hardware tool industry has only one and three municipal technology (R & D) centers in Hangzhou and Jiande respectively

third, the market structure is too single. The main business of hardware tools comes from foreign trade orders, and the export dependence is too high. Under the influence of the economic crisis caused by the international financial crisis, the export market of these enterprises has shrunk sharply, which has posed a serious threat to their survival and development

fourth, brand building is relatively lagging behind. Most enterprises of hardware tools rely on OEM production, lacking popularity and core competitiveness

fifth, public platform services are scarce. Although there is Jiande Hardware Tools Industry Association established in May, 2009, it is still difficult for the industry to self regulate, and the central role played by the Industry Association (2) resistance spot welding is still difficult

from the last century to today, the marketing characteristics of China's hardware tool industry have roughly experienced four distinct stages, namely product marketing, standard marketing, service marketing and brand marketing

these four marketing strategies are independent and compatible with each other. The emergence and development of each model has its own detailed economic environment

product marketing: product marketing is the initial mode of marketing, that is, it focuses on the production of enterprises, and does not design, develop and manufacture products from the perspective of consumers. The concept followed is to sell what is produced. This model was mainly produced in the era of planned economy and the initial period of market economy when supply was less than demand

standard marketing: the so-called standard marketing refers to using the role of enterprises in the industry to participate in the continuous emergence of the achievements of national standard setters, taking this resource as a public trust and stopping the dissemination. Standard marketing is not a real marketing model, but a marketing tactic that only a few enterprises can use

service marketing: the so-called service marketing refers to taking the service to consumers as the focus of marketing, carrying out all-round services on the basis of products, and gaining the trust and reliance of consumers. After experiencing the era of product marketing, China's hardware tool industry has gradually overcapacity, and the supply and demand situation that supply exceeds the demand of the operating system of auto parts testing machine has begun to appear. Coupled with the impact of foreign large enterprises, the whole industry has begun to think about service marketing, which is different from product marketing. As hardware tools of industrial products, especially professional tools, have high requirements for consultation, training, maintenance and other links in the sales process. Therefore, buyers purchase not only products, but also a process service of product life cycle to a large extent. Therefore, many enterprises have started the service marketing model

brand marketing: the so-called brand marketing refers to the marketing strategy and process by which enterprises create brand value and finally form brand benefits by using consumers' brand needs, and through marketing, use various marketing strategies to make target customers form a cognitive process of enterprise brand, products and services. China's hardware tool industry has officially entered the era of brand marketing, and almost all large-scale enterprises have begun brand marketing. The essence of brand marketing is to seek the differentiated positioning of the brand, break away from the value marketing of products, promote to the height of brand value marketing, and turn the added value of the brand into the trust of customers and the growth point of profits

only when enterprises develop hardware tools to the countryside as a strategy, rather than an expedient measure to tide over the crisis, and make changes in the organizational structure of the enterprise, invest resources to investigate, formulate new operation modes, cultivate and organize forces to implement, can they seize the opportunity and become successful

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