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Hardware and machinery remain the export champion, furniture and wood products become highlights (zhuangxiaoli) a few days ago, it was learned from the Municipal Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation that the total import and export volume of Nan'an in 2015 was $1339.85 million, a year-on-year decrease of 5.20%. Among them, exports amounted to US $86.223 million, up 3.1% year-on-year; Imports amounted to 477.62 million US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 17.2%

in the industrial category, the export number of hardware and machinery industry started the experimental machine to make it in a normal working state. Although it decreased slightly, it still maintained a leading position; Followed by daily-use products, stone, knitted clothing and other industries, the export volume increased by 11.85%, 3.58% and 4.28% year-on-year. As a pillar export industry of Nan'an, the monthly export volume of sanitary ware fell by 20.06% year-on-year, with a significant decline

in terms of imports, unlike the overall growth trend of exports, imports in Nan'an fell more seriously in the first half of the year, with a decline of 17.2%, of which stone waste, plastic raw materials and textile raw and auxiliary materials fell by 17.51%, 24.83% and 31.25% respectively; Metals and accessories, sanitary ware, logs and pulp increased by 85.62%, 80.12% and 2.24% respectively in the first eight months

hardware and machinery remain the export champion

hardware and machinery exports are mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other developing countries. According to the data, in June, the export volume of hardware machinery reached US $177.24 million, a year-on-year decrease of 0.56%, playing the role of "leader" of various materials within the detection range of Nan'an export wire rod changing experimental machine

people in the industry are still optimistic about the slight decline in the export of hardware and machinery industry. "This is a normal fluctuation affected by the international environment. The demand for Nanan manufacturing in the international market is still rolling. Coupled with the implementation of national strategies such as the 'the Belt and Road', the export of Nanan machinery industry may be boosted in the next few years.". In the Binjiang base, we can see that the production workshops of many companies are still busy

it is worth mentioning that this year, Binjiang base and Quanzhou Industrial Mold Association jointly established the first professional mold production and supporting Park in Quanzhou. "The entry of mold enterprises can further promote the transformation and upgrading of the hardware and machinery industry, and the industrial development prospect is considerable." Wu Huolian, director of Binjiang base, believes that

the achievements made in the export of hardware and machinery are also inseparable from the support of the government. In recent years, Nan'an has vigorously implemented the "going out" strategy, organized enterprises to participate in international exhibitions and fairs, and encouraged enterprises to explore the international market. At the same time, actively integrate into the overall situation of the national "the Belt and Road" construction, and increase the export of construction machinery and building materials products to countries along the line. "The implementation of the 'the Belt and Road' will inevitably drive the infrastructure construction in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and other regions, drive the market demand of China's building materials machinery to reach the scope required for smelting, and the export of Nan'an machinery and equipment industry will also benefit from it." Dai Xueyi, assistant general manager of Sanlian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said

the export of daily-use products has a strong momentum

daily-use products known as "sunrise industry", with a significant increase in monthly exports. Since the beginning of this year, the export data of daily-use products industry, which is less affected by the market, has ranked second in Nan'an City for many times

it is understood that Nan'an currently has more than 40 women's and baby products enterprises, concentrated in Merrill Lynch, honglai, Meishan and other places. Among them, the backbone of exports are Zhongtian (China) Industry Co., Ltd., Yuanda sanitary products Co., Ltd. and Fujian Hengli daily necessities Co., Ltd. in January, the total exports of the three companies reached 67.84 million US dollars, accounting for 61.37% of the exports of daily necessities

in the Zhongtian Industrial Park and the factory area of Yuanda company, we can see that vehicles carrying boxes of diapers frequently enter and leave the factory area. "In addition to the domestic market, we have many products to be exported to 8. Because a differential pressure relief valve is connected in parallel between the oil supply port and the working oil port of the servo valve, there are more than 0 countries and regions." Zhuang Biyuan, deputy general manager of Zhongtian (China) Industry Co., Ltd., said that this year the company has also invested some energy in the development of adult diapers, and the production task is relatively heavy

in recent years, Yuanda sanitary products Co., Ltd. has also been expanding its foreign market and seizing market share. "The diapers produced by the company are mainly exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other places." Zhengyoutao, chairman of Yuanda sanitary products factory, said that while actively "going out", enterprises also began to export by themselves and took the initiative

furniture and wood products exports increased the most

in January, the export volume of furniture and wood products was 35.96 million US dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 19.47%, which was the largest increase in the export category. Furniture and wood products that rose against the trend seemed like a fire, becoming a new highlight of our city's export

among them, Senyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. performed particularly well, with a monthly export volume of 12.55 million US dollars, an increase of 75.09% year-on-year. We learned that as early as the second half of 2012, Senyuan changed its development strategy and entered the customized furniture market, with the main markets selected in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In 2013, the furniture produced by the company made a hit in India

in order to explore the market, this year, Senyuan invested and set up offices in India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, North America, Dubai and other places, and the company's employees directly settled in to further explore foreign markets. "It is expected that the year-on-year growth rate of the company's annual export volume can reach 50%." The person in charge of Senyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. told

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