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In recent years, the mold industry in Jiangsu Province of China is mainly concentrated in Suzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou and other regions. In recent years, its mold industry has developed very rapidly

it is understood that its mold industry has some obvious characteristics: first, the mold industry has developed rapidly, and the equipment level and mold level have been greatly improved. Second, the mold is constantly optimized, and the proportion of large, precision and complex molds is significantly increased. Third, the standardization, commercialization and specialization of molds have accelerated, which has promoted the development of molds. Fourth, enterprise digitalization and information technology have been paid attention to, and the R & D cycle has been significantly shortened. Fifth, the independent innovation of enterprises has been paid attention to. The addition of brand mold positive long glass fiber has gradually formed the notchless impact resistance of hybrid composites to 1004j/m. Sixth, the mold city with agglomeration effect has a strong development momentum. Chemicals for integrated circuits and discrete devices, chemicals for printed circuit board production and assembly, chemicals for display devices, chemicals for color liquid crystal displays, chemicals for printed circuit board (PCB) processing, and the main part of ultra clean high purity test: remove the covering agent and special (Electronic) gas of the working cylinder Advanced packaging materials and grinding and polishing chemicals are prepared and utilized

it is reported that the emergence and development of mold city is also a feature of the development of mold industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Yuyao took the lead in building a mold City, with a development area of 1.2km2, a total investment of 1.08 billion yuan, and more than 500 enterprises stationed. In 2007, the sales volume has reached 2billion yuan. The mold city enjoys some preferential policies, and has built supporting platforms such as testing center, information center, trading center and training center to meet the small batch and diversified market demand. In addition, the difference lies in the different experimental methods and internal structure, the supporting logistics support and obvious price advantage, so it has great competitiveness. Jiangsu mold Experimental Zone was established in Kunshan in 1998, and now there are more than 500 enterprises stationed, with an annual output value of more than 4 billion yuan. It has built a relatively perfect industrial system integrating mold manufacturing, mold standard parts, materials, equipment, education and training, supporting services, and formed a high-tech demonstration base integrating mold technology research and development, achievement transformation, and industrialization. There is also Shitailong Machinery Mold City in Kunshan, which will be a trading platform for supporting industries with machinery mold as the core. Another Kunshan International Mold City is under construction. Suzhou high tech international mold city was established in Suzhou Huguan Industrial Park, with 27.2ha development in the first phase and 106.7ha development in the second phase. It is planned to establish eight centers, including mold material trading center, equipment demonstration center, design center, information center, testing center, heat treatment center, manufacturing center and talent training center. Jiangsu Yangtze River Delta mold city was established in Changzhou Wujin high tech Zone, with an investment of 250million yuan and an area of 10ha, focusing on the construction of five service centers. Shitailong mold city is already under construction in Huai'an, which will form a new mold production base in Northern Jiangsu

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