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Analysis of Four Misunderstandings in network marketing understanding of hardware enterprises

when many traditional hardware enterprises rush to move their offline products online, it is doomed that the competition of e-commerce will become more and more intense in the future. However, there are still many hardware enterprises who are used to traditional offline marketing and cannot really understand e-commerce marketing. There are some misunderstandings about e-commerce marketing

first, the implementation of e-commerce network marketing can certainly save costs

if the characteristics of e-commerce are effectively used to the appropriate business level, station promotion may indeed save costs. However, the establishment of an e-commerce station with a certain scale involves the purchase of software and hardware, network environment, personnel wages, office expenses, publicity and promotion expenses, personnel introduction and training expenses, and so on, which costs a lot. Therefore, it is irrational to establish a network marketing system simply to "save money". E-commerce cannot change the market pattern of all products, and its impact on industry costs is also different

whether e-commerce can affect or change an industry depends on whether it can change the main experimental waveforms of an industry existence or industry lattice: supported by the controller (including sine wave, square wave, 3-angle wave, oblique wave and external input waveform); Based on the existence of the Bureau, e-commerce is a way of transaction, (1) damage caused by man-made or irresistible natural phenomena; It can significantly reduce the transaction costs of information collection, negotiation and so on, but it can not significantly change the costs of production, human resources and so on, which mainly depends on the composition of the costs of various industries and products

Second, network marketing is the whole of e-commerce

e-commerce is not equal to network marketing. Network marketing is only a part of e-commerce, and the scope of e-commerce promotion is much larger than network marketing. Broadly speaking, it can be considered that business activities carried out by electronic means (Information Technology) belong to the category of e-commerce. Network marketing is the process of using network information technology to meet the needs of consumers in the context of e-commerce. For example, the president's daily administrative communication with employees through e-mail is also an application of e-commerce, but it is difficult to say that he used the relevant knowledge of network marketing

third, e-commerce network marketing is to open stores.

network marketing involves all aspects of the operation of enterprises, and opening stores is only one of them. Promoting e-commerce and network marketing is far from simple. Online sales is only a part of online marketing, just like "offline" sales is only a part of "business"

Thomas Malone of Massachusetts Institute of technology first proposed the concept of e-commerce. He believes that e-commerce in a broad sense means that all business activities are supported by information technology, including not only buying and selling, but also design, manufacturing and management. The strategy of network marketing involves three major aspects: upstream suppliers, customers and internal management of the enterprise, and everywhere reflects the application of network technology in business management. If we only understand network marketing as moving offline business to the Internet, then network marketing will not have more charm than. The charm of network marketing can be considered to be more reflected in deep-seated information services

IV. the traditional enterprise marketing mode can be directly copied to the Internet marketing

(2) the Internet marketing without innovation in the process and technology of automobile parts manufacturing enterprises is absolutely lifeless. If the management, personnel, finance and business processes of traditional enterprises are directly copied to the Internet according to the traditional enterprise mode, the result will be sad. Network marketing should break many habits that have been used to, such as the process of "planning at the end of the year, feasibility analysis, project approval, approval, design, procurement, and construction can only start in the second half of the second year", which was widely used by large enterprises. Otherwise, it must be beaten passively

because capacity is an epoch-making tool, everyone and every enterprise will actively or passively "encounter" it. For those who seize the opportunity, it will return it to "wealth": for those who passively refuse, it will return it to "lag behind". In this rapidly changing society, it seems that only "change" itself is eternal. Treating e-commerce requires us to be more patient and rational, and to meet the arrival of the new economy with a more open and global perspective

among the above four misunderstandings, many hardware enterprises that have engaged in or will engage in network marketing are still widespread. Today, known as the "e-era", Internet is completely changing the development of enterprises. If hardware enterprises want to survive and develop in the competition, they must pay attention to e-commerce, get out of these misunderstandings, and play in the changeable business sea with a better attitude

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