The hottest hardware mold industry continues to tr

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The hardware mold industry continues to transform and upgrade to the high-end direction

the development trend of the mold industry in the domestic hardware industry is that the mold products are developing towards larger, more precise, more complex and more economic and rapid aspects. After the efforts of the 12th Five Year Plan, the long process has been changed into a short process, so that China's mold level will enter the ranks of the advanced level in Asia by 2015. After seven years of efforts, China will comprehensively surpass the United States and Japan to reach the international leading level in 2019, making China not only a large mold production country, but also a powerful mold production and manufacturing country in the world

China is gradually moving from a large mold manufacturing country to a powerful mold manufacturing country. In terms of the domestic market, the production and demand of the mold industry are booming, the investment enthusiasm of enterprises is high, and large technological transformation projects and new projects continue to appear. The construction of industrial clusters has been accelerated. With the support of the government's preferential policies, because most of the shells are made of the key components on mechanical equipment and cars, there are more than 100 mold cities (or mold parks, centralized production bases, etc.) with a considerable scale in the country, and more than 10 are under construction. 4. Change the experimental machines, prepare to build or plan to build. In addition to cluster production, some places are still developing mold consortia and virtual manufacturing, which also have some advantages similar to cluster production

the performance of domestic hardware industry and mold industry in foreign markets is also excellent. The mold industry has made steady progress in the traditional market while actively exploring emerging markets, and even marginal markets that were neglected in the past have been developed. Driven by the development of LED lighting and display, rail transit, medical devices, new energy, aerospace, automotive lightweight, rail transit and other industries leading to the production capacity, the level of China's mold industry has been significantly improved. These factors have made remarkable achievements in mold market development. According to statistics, China's molds have been exported to more than 170 countries and regions, which can be described as brilliant achievements

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