The hottest hardware summit directly hits the pain

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The hardware summit directly attacks the pain points of the industry, probes into the countermeasures and seeks development

Abstract: the prices of raw materials such as steel, copper and aluminum are high, the quality is uncontrollable, the after-sales is difficult to implement, and the good and bad suppliers are mixed, forming many pain points in hardware procurement

2016 is the year of breaking the development of the hardware industry. The "supply side" has opened the curtain of hardware de capacity, and the "environmental protection and limited shutdown" has promoted the process of industrial structure optimization, and the transformation and upgrading is imminent. The surging tide of interconnection + 4. Ultrasonic fatigue experiment ultrasonic fatigue experiment is an accelerated resonance fatigue experiment method, which drives the continuous innovation of the hardware industry supply chain. The traditional ecosystem has been broken, integrated and repaired, and the development of hardware has ushered in new opportunities and challenges

raw materials such as steel, copper and aluminum have high prices, uncontrollable quality, difficult after-sales implementation, and uneven suppliers, forming many pain points in hardware procurement. There are many problems in traditional hardware procurement, such as difficult to find first-hand sources, increased prices at various levels by channel merchants, lack of quality assurance, transaction safety, and difficult after-sales. What methods can improve the difficulties and pain points encountered by the current hardware industry

the rise of Internet e-commerce and the innovation of supply chain management will inevitably have an impact on the traditional supply and purchase mode. How to treat the conflict between e-commerce and traditional mode? What are the countermeasures

with the rise of hardware industry interconnection +, e-commerce and traditional channels continue to integrate, and the ecological balance of hardware continues to be revised. In the future, the tightening force of hardware will continue through a hydraulic piston with a diameter of 32mm until the pressure reaches 17.2mpa. What is the development and trend of the industry

the development of hardware industry is full of infinite prospects. In the construction of industrial ecological chain in the future, B2B e-commerce will play an increasingly important role in promoting the optimization and upgrading of hardware enterprises and promoting the steady growth of hardware industry. What new opportunities will the hardware industry face in 2017? What new risks exist

focusing on the various problems faced by the above hardware industry, there will be an industry high-end dialogue on "new opportunities and new risks in the hardware industry in 2017" at the "2017 B2B e-commerce summit of China's hardware industry" to be held on March 24. Experts who have been deeply involved in the hardware industry for many years will answer them one by one on the spot. It is understood that the summit dialogue will invite experts and scholars such as South China City, China Hardware Association, JD cloud, the economic and Trade Policy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, Tiangong international, Dongfeng Liuqi and so on to be guests for media coverage and live broadcast

We have a strong curiosity about the spring we saw when we were children

the development trend of China's hardware e-commerce is increasingly emerging. The hardware summit hosted by South China city will provide new enlightenment for the development of the hardware industry. For the majority of hardware enterprises, it is a good time to strengthen their muscles and bones

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