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Hardware products marketing the world's power tool industry is facing restructuring

China's hardware products are sold in all corners of the world, and China's power tools are advancing in setbacks. The three major production bases of China's electric tools under the new national standard have their own characteristics, and they have their own advantages in the hardware industry. China's hardware products are sold in all corners of the world, and China's electric tools are advancing in setbacks. The three major production bases of electric tools in China have their own characteristics, and they have won a place in the hardware industry with their own advantages

electric tools are mainly divided into metal cutting electric tools, grinding electric tools, and assembling electric tools. The small panel control system of various manufacturers still has many remarkable skills and railway electric tools. Common electric tools include electric drills, electric grinders, electric wrenches and Electric Screwdrivers, electric hammers and impact drills, concrete vibrators, and electric planers

the power tool industry actively introduces technology to improve its own strength. China's rapid development and the comprehensiveness of foreign exchanges look forward to the power tool industry. Luo Baihui, chief information officer of Jinmo Electromechanical, believes that technology is crucial to the rapid development of the power tool industry. Coupled with the particularity of the electric tool industry, it is a high-tech industry. Enterprises must actively introduce relevant technologies to improve their strength. The electric tool industry belongs to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and improves its service to the advanced manufacturing industry. Electric tools are widely used in advanced equipment manufacturing fields such as aerospace, high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding, automobile industry, as well as production fields such as building roads, decoration, wood processing, metal processing, etc

the global power tool industry can be divided into three levels: industrial level, professional level and DIY household level according to the technical requirements and application fields of products. Among them, industrial grade electric tool products are mainly used in workplaces with high requirements for process accuracy or environmental protection, such as the aerospace field, which are characterized by high technical requirements, high profits and small market scope; DIY household electric tools are mainly used in occasions where accuracy requirements are not high and continuous operation time is not long, such as home repair, simple decoration and other occasions, with the characteristics of low technology content and low profit

at present, the vast majority of power tool manufacturers in China ⑤ APM calculation formula enterprises are producing DIY household level power tool products. Product sales are mainly based on price as a means of competition, presenting a low-end, disordered competition as a whole. Professional power tools are far more than DIY products in terms of technical content, scope of application, product added value and gross profit margin. Professional electric tools have high power, high speed, long motor life, and can continue to repeat operations for a long time. They have the characteristics of high technology content, high profit margin, wide market range, high industry threshold, and high brand value

China's domestic power tool market is firmly controlled by foreign brand giants such as Bosch, Makita, Hitachi and Dewei. Judging from the trend in recent years, the domestic market share of foreign brands is in a declining channel, and the rise of Ruiqi electric tools continues to expand its market share and replace imported brands. Among the top four in the domestic market share, Ruiqi is the youngest rising star, but it is the fastest-growing rookie. It has ranked among the top four in the market share in just seven years since its establishment and operation. It has a trend to catch up with and surpass the nearly 100 year old Zhejiang Province's history of on-site supervision and service of all temperature measurement equipment production enterprises in the province

looking at the current situation of the domestic electric tool industry, the enterprises that produce DIY household grade electric tool products account for the vast majority. There are very few professional product factories that can form product series, the industry concentration is low, and there is a lack of leading enterprises. From the perspective of development trend, domestic brands will experience industry reshuffle, and eventually form an orderly situation dominated and standardized by a few leading enterprises; Market share will also be redistributed between domestic and foreign brands, and domestic brands will continue to replace foreign brands

the internal integration needs of the industry will be driven by industry leaders. It can be predicted that Ruiqi, as the only listed company specializing in electric tools, has the opportunity and ability to stand on the stage of the capital market and promote the resource reorganization and pattern reorganization of China's electric tool industry

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