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Analysis of the factors driving growth in the initial stage of joint ventures

on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, China's economy, education and culture are booming, and people's lives are moving towards prosperity. Especially in the past three decades of reform and opening up, the theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics has guided social and economic construction, provided a platform and policy support for the comprehensive development of the new enterprise development model of joint ventures, thus driving the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, greatly promoting the development of China's joint venture economy and private economy, and achieving comprehensive economic prosperity for China, Building a well-off society has found a scientific development path. Here is a brief summary, summary and analysis of the factors that drive the growth of joint ventures in the initial stage after the reform and opening up

I. the consistency and complementarity of the strategic objectives, resource inputs and combinations of the parent companies of both parties are the basis for the establishment of the joint venture

in order to achieve global brand and economic expansion, improve profits and expand product market share, the primary consideration of the foreign parent company is to reduce costs, transfer management skills, production technology, a large amount of money and sophisticated equipment. In order to quickly enter the international market, improve profits and expand employment, the Chinese parent company takes political and social relations, land and plants, cheap raw materials and labor as equivalent conditions. The two sides have the same goals and complementary resource advantages, so they constitute the basic elements of a Sino foreign joint venture

the accumulation and creation of reasonable on-site management, production skills and know-how, political and social relations, human resources, innovation ability, adaptability, etc. in the joint venture, coupled with the continuous investment of the parent company, has accelerated the growth and development of the joint venture. The Chinese and foreign parent companies continue to send experienced engineers and managers to the joint venture to demonstrate and impart updated skills, technologies, practical experience and knowledge, and provide enterprise management, sales ability, emotional support and welfare benefits. The scientific management of the joint venture by the Chinese and foreign parent companies has contributed to the rapid development of the joint venture

II. The degree of association and organizational similarity between the Chinese and foreign parent companies and the joint venture ABS granular material industry, whose raw materials are light yellow or milky white, make the joint venture develop strongly in developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses

due to the same goals and complementary advantages of Chinese and foreign parent companies, their performance in joint ventures is excellent and unique. Product OEM, organizational culture, operation process, market positioning, etc. are the concentrated embodiment of the latest management, organizational structure, production technology, market positioning combination and innovation of Chinese and foreign parent companies. This is the result of the mutual integration of Chinese and foreign cultures and management cultures in the joint venture. The purpose is to maximize interests and efficiency, resulting in the rapid innovation and development of the enterprise. Therefore, the relationship between the Chinese and foreign parent companies and the joint venture is getting higher and higher, and both parties will gain more profits, skills, experience and knowledge from it. Taking the organizational culture of the joint venture as the innovation point, the Chinese side and the foreign side jointly promote the construction and development of the joint venture, so that both sides can transform themselves in default learning

III. The compatibility of Chinese and foreign parent companies' organizational control over the joint venture is the guarantee for the development of the joint venture

first of all, the Chinese and foreign parent companies confirmed the management functions, control mechanisms and contractual relationships of mutual balance, restraint and sharing, and seeking development at the beginning of the joint venture. In the management project, the Chinese and foreign sides have reached consensus on strategic goals (long-term goals, short-term goals), financial control, organizational structure, senior manager appointment, product development, production and manufacturing, quality control, personnel arrangement, wages and remuneration, employee welfare, administrative affairs, customer service, public relations, etc. Every element of the organization, even every link in the element, has been explained in detail. The control of each function is based on the convenience of operation, practicality, emotional integration, mutual support, science and rationality. Therefore, the overall control degree of management function has been verified and affirmed in adaptation, breakthrough, change and innovation

second, because the management function conforms to the unique mode of joint ventures, the means of balance have a deep impact on the operation. For example, through the board of directors, accredited senior managers, straight-line reporting system, regular rotation of accredited managers, contact between the parent company and the management of the joint venture, training for the managers and employees of the joint venture, technical seminars, exchanges with employees, the implementation of reasonable and scientific management means, and the continuous "injection of new energy, new blood and new nutrition" are important aspects of the development of the joint venture

third, the contract is a clear and operational solution to prevent the complexity of the problem. It stipulates the limitation of detailed business direction, objectives, scope, scale and time, and stipulates the, rights and benefits of both parent companies and joint ventures, as well as the detailed rules and procedures for mutual communication and conflict resolution between parent companies. The detailed contract is the core of the joint venture, and it is also the core that the samples between the Chinese and foreign parent companies often need to be processed into a small continuous relationship in the middle area, close cooperation and common development

IV. communication is the key to promoting the development of the joint venture.

the above-mentioned parts are important factors for the communication between the two sides of the joint venture. Through the benign operation of the joint venture, the trust degree of both parties is accumulated more and more, and the communication is also developed to be timely, accurate, sufficient and trust, which has achieved a qualitative leap from the change of quantity. While pursuing the maximization of interests, both parties can quickly solve the conflict problems or time, give a positive understanding, and complete the contract. The history of communication is the key to promoting the development of joint ventures

v. the business performance of Sino foreign joint ventures has promoted the development of the industry and used the limited life cycle to create future development potential

joint venture operation has promoted the development of the industry with speed and efficiency, changed government policies, competitive environment, energy supply, technical level and customer demand, and also changed the development process of related industries. The strategic advantages and professional allocation of joint ventures in the business environment are becoming more and more obvious. The Chinese side has also made more efforts to study, comprehend and apply this advantage, including human resources, low-cost investment, distinctive services, professional machinery, and established a relatively complete material research and development, product pilot test and test platform preparation, business processes, technical know-how, easy to use and a large number of functional Market strategies. "The difference between the two and the upper and lower limits of the frequency table can be controlled by the skill of others"

after completing the objectives of the joint venture, it integrates advanced management concepts, all-round thinking methods and ways to solve problems, and starts to cultivate and use talents in an orderly manner, build a learning organization, innovate corporate culture, establish a brand, and speed up the pace of opening up the market, so as to create the future development potential of the Chinese foreign joint venture after its expiration

through joint ventures, many Chinese enterprises have integrated advanced management concepts, advanced business ideas, advanced technology research, high-tech products, advanced corporate culture, expanded their strength and scale, and laid the foundation for going abroad to merge and buy foreign-funded enterprises after having abundant funds. (end)

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