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Hardware molds need high and new technology to enter the high-end market. At present, hardware molds have strong competitiveness. The biggest advantage and strength lies in both private enterprises and traditional industries. Entering the high-end market is inseparable from high and new technology

recently, the senior technical school and the Institute of modern manufacturing engineering of Zhejiang University have married. The two sides will build a rapid digital design and precision testing center for molds to serve the local mold industry well

with the development of the domestic hardware mold industry, the competition from all provinces is increasingly fierce, and the disorderly competition in the hardware mold industry begins to appear. The disadvantages of low cost, low product structure grade and low technical content of hardware are also increasingly exposed. In the 1960s, the hardware mold industry began to rise in the South China Sea, and reached its peak in the late 1980s. At that time, the threshold of hardware mold industry was very low, and there was no need for any technology. 30000 yuan to buy some old equipment can open a family workshop type hardware mold processing factory. After more than 40 years of development, there are more than 10000 hardware and mold processing enterprises, most of which are labor-intensive small enterprises

Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, said that at present, domestic private mold enterprises generally have advanced equipment resources, relatively advanced technology applications, and new technologies can be widely and rapidly applied in the industry. From design and manufacturing to related material production, heat treatment, etc., they form an industrial chain with outstanding integration advantages. However, Luo Baihui pointed out that at present, due to lack of funds and private brands, hardware mold enterprises will increase investment in management and technological transformation, expand the proportion of medium and high-end products in recent years, and set up domestic sales departments to actively expand the domestic market

the mold industry will change from the extensive development mode that mainly relied on the expansion of scale and the increase of quantity in the past to the lean development mode that mainly relied on scientific and technological progress and the improvement of product quality and level. Huaxia mold emphasizes the transformation from the development mode that mainly focused on the introduction, digestion and absorption of international advanced technology to the development mode that paid equal attention to the introduction, digestion and absorption and the improvement of independent innovation ability; The transformation from the industry characteristics dominated by skills to the industry characteristics dominated by technology and modern enterprise management; Vigorously promote the innovation driven development mode, and actively cultivate and develop new growth points. We should vigorously develop the modern manufacturing service industry, actively and steadily extend and develop the upstream and downstream industrial chain with mold manufacturing as the core, support the construction of mold industry clusters, pay attention to the reasonable layout coordinated with the mold manufacturing industry, and gradually form an industrial pattern of complementary advantages and coordinated development

Luo Baihui stressed that we should promote the pilot of circular economy in the hardware and mold industry, focus on the reduction of resource consumption and waste discharge based on the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling, actively implement the national preferential policies for comprehensive utilization of resources, and carry out the reuse of waste batteries, waste household appliances and old furniture. After the two projects of bamboo and wood are completed and put into operation, The whole industrial chain of the company, which uses propane as raw material, from propylene to acrylic acid and then to super absorbent resin, will fully buy out the resource utilization of processing residues, mining waste, sewage treatment plant sludge and stainless steel additive, take out and grind pistons and piston casing waste residue. Vigorously developing industrial circular economy to promote cleaner production is an important embodiment of low-carbon economy. Vigorously developing industrial circular economy to promote cleaner production is an important embodiment of low-carbon economy

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