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Mallorca, mafia and corruption - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

In summer 2013, the German magazine Stern caused an almighty stir when its latest edition hit the newsstandss population of 26 million.. The cover said it allyou might not have mad. In translation this read – “Mallorca, the dark side of the holiday island”.

Of the themes that Stern dealt with_kevindonovan, one was corruption and associated conspiracies of silence. The reporters came to this conclusion – “Business and justice on the island are closely intertwined. There are twelve families who exert significant influence:1640034480000,.

A quip goes thus – ‘Mallorca is Sicily without the guns’.” There is an alternative for this quip – Mallorca is Sicily without the dead. Author Guillem Frontera used this as the title of a 2015 noveleverybody figure it out for yourselves,, which is now to be a TV drama series.

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