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Modern people are busy with work, and they have countless work to do on weekdays. They also need to use it to recharge during holidays, so the decoration of the study is particularly important. The study can meet our thirst for knowledge, enhance people's cultural heritage and highlight humanistic interests. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will introduce the design points of study decoration to you

I. before the decoration of the study, the first question to consider is which room is suitable for the study. The space of the study should not be too large, because too much space is easy to distract people. Secondly, the environment should be quiet and undisturbed

second, the sound insulation study is a place for work and study, and silence is a necessary factor, so the sound insulation of the study is very important. Sound insulation materials should be used, starting from doors and windows, walls and ceilings to make the study impervious to sound

third, the mood of studying should be calm. The color of the study should be soft and calm. It is best to give priority to cold colors, such as blue, green, gray purple, etc. try to avoid jumping and contrasting colors, showing an elegant and quiet decoration effect

IV. light study has higher requirements for daylighting. Only when there is enough light can we ensure that people's eyesight is not damaged. The light on the desk top is very important. The light should be sufficient and as uniform as possible. Generally, the desk should be placed near the window, so that you can use natural light to write during the day. In case of direct sunlight, you can also adjust the light source with a shading curtain or a white gauze curtain to avoid eye irritation

v. environmental protection study for a long time. The decoration of the study must be environmental protection. Choose green decoration and use materials with a higher level of environmental protection. Moreover, there must be green plants in the study, which can purify the indoor air on the one hand, and on the other hand, when you are tired of studying, look at the plants, which can adjust your eyesight and mood




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