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At present, the Guanghua area outside the west of the city is full of brands, and there are many new houses on sale. Are you a little flashy if you want to buy a small apartment in Guanghua? Don't worry, first listen to Xiaobian list them one by one for you

China Railway Xicheng is the largest urban complex project in the west of the city, but at present, the main residential project is Western-style houses, and the price is higher than ordinary high-rise elevator houses. However, Vanke's choice of hardbound houses in the golden field is not large. At present, there are mainly four houses. What about Yangcheng spiritual home? Although there are a little small houses, there are not many left, and the model room is only clear water

fortunately, Wai Guanghua also has a real estate that mainly focuses on small apartments in need and the price is relatively close to the people, that is time Junyuan. The project is now 60-120 square meters, and three batches of new works are on the market, with an average price of 7500-7800 yuan/square meter. Moreover, the model room is also very exquisite and distinctive. I'll take you to see it right away

time Junyuan is located on the west side of Chengfei Avenue in the first section of Guanghua Avenue, less than 2 kilometers away from the third ring road. Along the Third Ring Road, Jinsha is to the north and Shuangnan is to the south. You can drive 5 minutes to enter the bustling circle. There are 8 residential buildings in the project, with only 17 floors and 21 floors, 3 stairs and 8 households, all of which are in artdeco architectural style. There is also an ultra wide building spacing of 90-170 square meters, which has a good landscape view

model room type: Shiguang Junyuan 108 square meters, 3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms, B house type

house type analysis: Shiguang Junyuan 108 square meters, B house type layout is square, the design is reasonable, the lighting is good, and the functional zoning is clear. It is practical and comfortable for first-time home buyers

guest Restaurant - the 7.3m long horizontal hall is open and atmospheric.

the guest restaurant is connected for 7.3m, and the overall space is nearly 40 square meters, which is quite open. The most striking is the Japanese decoration style of the model room. The dining room has the same orientation, so that the family can sit around the table and watch TV while having dinner, which is warm and comfortable. And there is a balcony outside the living room. There are two rocking chairs here. The breeze and beautiful scenery are in your arms

master bedroom - the 3.6-meter large bay also has its own master bathroom cloakroom

the building area of this house is 108 square meters, and the master bedroom is equipped with everything. Not only the 3.6-meter Bay is enough for you to put down a large double bed, but also there is an independent cloakroom, where you can put more clothes, and are you excited about the big bathtub in the master bathroom? Although it takes time to clean the bathtub, the function of taking a bubble bath is still much better than taking a shower when you are tired of work






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