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As a leading brand in the industry, fasilong integrated ceiling has the largest production base in China and the most successful experience in production, sales and service in the integrated ceiling industry. Now let's see how to choose the integrated ceiling of fasilong with Xiaobian

as a leading brand in the industry, we have the largest production base in China and the most successful experience in production, sales and service in the integrated ceiling industry. Now let's see how to choose the integrated ceiling of fasilong with Xiaobian


there are many brands of integrated ceiling size. Among the starry brands, it is not easy to choose a brand suitable for yourself. Whether you can have an integrated ceiling that you like and feel at ease depends on the choice of brand. In the mainstream brands of integrated ceiling, each brand represents its own characteristics and product concept. If there are requirements for product characteristics, you can choose to focus on self-cleaning, purification and other functional brands; For product style requirements, you can choose to focus on classical, fashionable and other styles of brands; If you have requirements for the overall shape, you can choose to focus on secondary ceiling, duplex ceiling, three-dimensional ceiling and other brands. Brand represents the characteristics of products. As long as you choose the type and style of products you want, it is not difficult to find the entry point to choose a brand

gusset plate

the choice of gusset plate is mainly the choice of surface treatment process and style. The surface treatment process is closely related to the functional characteristics of products. When choosing gusset plate, it is also the choice of product surface treatment process. At present, the mainstream surface processes include: coated board, roller coated board, anodized board, metal wire drawing board, etc

the coated board has many varieties of designs and colors, waterproof and fireproof, excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti fouling ability, and superior UV protection performance; The reflection of roller coated plate is very soft, easy to clean, and not easy to scratch and change color, but the price is on the high side; The anodized plate is antistatic, dust-free, easy to clean, fireproof, and has excellent heat dissipation. The surface of the anodized process will never fall off. Because the surface is fine and smooth and does not change color, it is the most resistant to cleaning in the three categories; The surface of metal wire drawing board is bright and uniform, with a strong sense of fashion, giving people a strong visual impact. There are many styles of gusset boards, including art, European style, simplicity, elegance, dignity, etc. if you want to choose a style suitable for yourself, it is mainly based on the overall home style


integrated ceiling appliances include lighting module, ventilation module and heating module. It is better for each module to understand its main technical standards. The selection of lighting appliances mainly pays attention to three links: Lighting mask, ballast and lamp tube. Each link has corresponding industry standards; The selection of ventilation module is considered from four points:

whether high-quality ball bearing appliances are used, whether the motor surface is treated by anodic electrophoresis process, whether it is fully enclosed structure design, and whether it has waterproof and rust prevention function; The heating module is mainly divided into two parts: light heating and air heating. The light heating module is mainly used for the top installation of family toilets. The standard enterprise air heating module adopts PTC metal PTC heating block, which has a longer service life, which is 50% longer than that of ceramic PTC


keel is an indispensable part of ceiling decoration, including wood keel and light steel keel. Wood keel is a commonly used material in decoration. There are many models and the price is relatively cheap. Light steel keel is a very popular decoration material in recent years. It can be used for ceiling and partition walls. It has strong fire resistance. It can make all kinds of beautiful shapes with light steel keel, and the price is more expensive than wood keel. Corners, also known as edging strips, are used for edging around the ceiling. The quality of corners will affect the beauty and flatness of the edge of the ceiling. Generally, better brands have their own logo on the corners

after sales

before purchase, you should consult clearly about delivery service, installation service and warranty service. After the ceiling is installed, first observe whether the four corners of the formwork are flat and whether the overall flatness is consistent; Observe whether the drawing stripes of the formwork move in the same direction, there is no gap in the seam and keep it in a straight line, and there is no obvious gap in the combination of the formwork and the edging strip around; Finally, check whether the electrical appliances can operate normally. After the acceptance, ask for the after-sales service green card for future warranty. Brand dealers will also provide perfect after-sales installation services. Brand integrated ceiling manufacturers have warranty cards for electrical appliances, and state the warranty period of electrical appliances

declaration of fasilong:

we can't give you the lowest price, but the highest quality! We would rather explain the price for a while than apologize for the quality for a lifetime! If you simply want to pursue profits, you can reduce costs by sneaking work and changing materials, shoddy goods as good ones, confusing fake goods with real ones, fake and shoddy goods, OEM and other despicable means, so as to achieve the purpose of low price and rapid sales. However, we believe that what the ceiling industry lacks is genuine materials, honest management and proud boutiques. For the sake of commitment and integrity, fasilong will not sell its future for short-term interests. We strive to win more and more recognition and follow, as well as the awe of our peers! This is the biggest driving force for the sustainable development of fasilong integrated ceiling

the relevant information about fashilong ceiling is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible

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