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Making rectangular packing box II with AI

6 Next, select the side of the packaging box, use the tilt tool, the angle is -30 degrees, and the coordinate axis is vertical, the angle is 90, OK. (Figure 06)

7 The above figure has been reduced. If we zoom it in, we will find that there is a part of redundancy at the corner (Figure 07). Let's try to eliminate it. Select the free transform tool, hold down shift, and drag the top of the selection box. They plan to place 60 points of the huge floating dustpan so that its vertical edge is aligned with the right outside of the box. Because the gap is very small, after such changes, the redundant parts are basically invisible (Fig. 08). If you are not satisfied and want more precise results, I will give the method below

8. Now let's deform the front of the box. Select the dark rectangle, use the tilt tool, the angle is 30, the coordinate axis is vertical, and the angle is 0. After confirmation, it is found that the redundant part is quite prominent. (Fig. 09) it's impossible to ignore it. First, align the left edge according to the previous method (use the auxiliary line if necessary) and find that there is still a blank (FIG. 10). Then use the tilt tool. This time, the angle is -30. Pull the rectangle back to its original position, increase the height to just make up for the blank (FIG. 11), and use the tilt method again to make it fit the image on the packaging box. In this way, if the front positioning is more accurate, there should be no problem. It aims to replace EPS in transportation and packaging utilization (only advanced skills can not fully meet the needs of this society 12)

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