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Using AO Smith nh1500w tap water filter kitchen water purifier reverse osmosis direct drinking water purifier evaluation

Smith hot selling water purifier recommendation: AO Smith nh1500w domestic tap water filter kitchen water purifier reverse osmosis direct drinking water purifier, how does this water purifier function? For example, let's take a look at the trial experience, detailed configuration and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, which may help you choose Smith nh1500w for reference

I. how about Smith nh1500w? Is it easy to use

trial model: Smith nh1500w

reference price: ¥ 5388.00 (click to view the latest official quotation)

trial experience for a week:

(1) it has been installed and used for almost a week, and it feels very good. Now all cooking uses purified water, so you can rest assured. Before you buy it, you are worried that it is too big to fit. In fact, it is very standard

(2) the water purifier is small, does not occupy space, has good logistics and fast arrival. After arrival, the installation master took the initiative to contact and make an appointment for installation, such as PTFE weaving processing. The installation was meticulous, and the maintenance knowledge and precautions were well explained. The water quality test before filtration was 30, and the water quality after filtration was 03. The water quality after filtration was sweet. In short, from purchase to installation and water quality improvement, it was praised by five stars

(3) it has been used for some time. It is easy to use. The water can be drunk directly. It tastes sweet. This water purifier is very space-saving, better than the previously used water storage water purifier, with very low sound

three weeks' trial experience: Please Click to view the detailed content introduction

II. Detailed configuration parameters of AO Smith nh1500w:

Product Name: a.o.smith/Smith graphene is a two-dimensional crystal material nh15 with single atomic layer

III. advantages and disadvantages of users' comments:

1. I wanted to buy a water purifier for a long time and compared it with many others. Finally, I chose Smith's model after comprehensive consideration. Although the price is higher, it has high cost performance after long-term use. The main considerations are large water yield, patented scale blocking filter element, automatic flushing function, replacement cost of five filter elements is about * yuan per day, plus five-year warranty of main components, etc. The tap water here has a lot of incrustation. The taste of the water is very poor. The price of barreled water is high and inconvenient. Now it's much easier to drink water. In addition, thank Master Zhang, who drove more than 50 kilometers to install it. He installed it carefully and explained it a lot. Smith's service was very good, looking forward to the pre filter from customer service

2. It has been used for one month. I specially bought a millet TDS water quality detection pen to measure the water quality. Tap water 505. The water just released from Smith's water purifier is 235. Ten seconds later, it will be 33. The concentrated water is 1010. The purification effect is very significant. Now, the porridge in water tastes very good at home, and the meal is very delicious. The actual water output is large, so you don't have to wait too long. There is very little waste water. I'm very satisfied. For your reference

3. The water flow is relatively large, and the sound level during operation is OK. The installation master is very professional and neat. There are many problems in my cabinet. The master has solved them one by one. All the details have been handled very well. 5. The non work caused by the uneven beam. D is that the sample diameter is good, and the matters needing attention have been explained very carefully, Express satisfaction and thanks

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