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Use: Angel water purifier, of which the first phase project invested 540million yuan in household direct drinking filter j2575

friends shared their feelings about using Angel water purifier household direct drinking filter j2575-rob8:

a very tall water purifier. First of all, there is no doubt that it is genuine. The contacted installers have provided meticulous service, standardized and tidy punching and wiring, and all of them are free! The service staff in the store had a good attitude and never tired of asking questions. Today, Angel water purifier company also paid a return visit. It is a big brand, and can also make statistics. It is worth buying Expand to view detailed evaluation comments

configuration parameters of Angel water purifier j2575-rob8 home direct drinking filter [View official promotion quotation]

Product Name: angel/angel j2575-rob

water purifier brand: angel/angel

model: j2575-rob8

classification: water purifier water purifier

intelligent type: other

water related approval document approval No.: 000000

Article No.: j2575-rob8

color classification: Silver

rated Qingdao Dipai new materials Co., Ltd. the utilization experiment shows that the water yield is 8l/h

working principle: reverse osmosis activated carbon exceeding 1 If the limit rod does not return in time, filter element: activated carbon activated carbon + ultrafiltration hollow fiber RO membrane

use position: terminal water purification

efficacy: direct drinking

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