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Researchers at Iowa State University in the United States are testing the use of feathers and other materials to produce biodegradable and environmentally friendly bioplastics. It is said that the flowerpots and other products made of this kind of plastic can be quickly degraded after being discarded

according to the associated press, the researchers extracted protein from the trial preparation methods and precautions of the processed feather coarse powder, and mixed it with the plasticizer liquid to make the mixture soft and elastic. The mixture is then heated to 100 degrees Celsius and molded into different products. In addition, the Asian region will reach 21billion yuan. They also try to use soybean protein to make environmentally friendly plastics. The researchers said that the plastic produced in this way can be quickly degraded. After being discarded, it can be directly buried underground without causing pollution to the environment. Moreover, its strength is equivalent to that of synthetic plastic, and it can also be made into plastic products such as plates and bottles

chicken farms usually process chicken feathers for animal feed, but it is believed that this will spread diseases among different species, which has been questioned. Researchers believe that converting chicken feathers and other garbage into plastic products can not only protect the environment, but also solve the above problems

according to the researchers, one of the most promising uses of this biodegradable plastic is as a plastic film, which can be used in farms, gardens, golf courses and other places. At present, most of the plastic films used are petrochemical products, and natural degradation will take at least 500 years

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