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How about Gree Yunjin air conditioner? Gree Yunjin air conditioner launch date

the quality of Gree air conditioner users' psychology has turned more than 80000 employees into more than 2000 self operated "small Haier" models. It is clear that Gree air conditioner recently launched a new Gree Yunjin air conditioner series. There are many models of Gree Yunjin air conditioner series. At present, the launch date in is april15,2019, and the launch date in tmall Gree flagship store is april19,2019, Now let's take a look at the introduction, price and comments of the popular models of Gree Yunjin air conditioner

I. Gree brocade kfr-35gw/nhpbb1w 1.5-piece hook up

1. Initial price: ¥ 3999.00 (click here to view the latest promotion quotation)

2. Comments: Gree brocade kfr-35gw/nhpbb1 body is simple white design with fresh blue border decoration. The whole body is full of beauty. The product is equipped with evaporator self-cleaning technology, which is convenient and clean, and avoids secondary air pollution, Like Jingmu, the external machine is a cold external machine, realizing high-temperature refrigeration at 60 ℃ and low-temperature heating startup at -35 ℃. It supports WiFi intelligence and has developed a unique graphene multi-stage grinding pre configuration to polymerization process technology operation. Gree + and xiaojingyu app double cloud control enable the air conditioner to be turned on anytime, anywhere, and you can enjoy the appropriate temperature at home; The air conditioner is also equipped with photosensitive intelligent humanized design, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen and the sound of the buzzer according to the light intensity, which is very considerate; The air conditioner has 7 wind speeds and 4 sleep modes. It supports up, down, left and right sweeping, frequency conversion and primary energy efficiency. The rated refrigerating capacity is 3500W, the rated refrigerating power is 810w, and the rated heating capacity is 4600W. The American PE contract price increased by 4 cents/pound in February, 1260w, and the circulating air volume was 680m/h. Internal machine size (W x H x D) mm889*290*202, external machine size (W x H x D) mm850*575*350

II. Gree Yunjin kfr-26gw/nhpbb1w large 1pc hangs up

1. Initial price: ¥ 3699.00 (check the latest promotion quotation)

2. User comments: the logistics is extremely fast. The air conditioner will be delivered to your home in less than 24 hours. It will be installed on your doorstep the next day. The air conditioner I bought this time is much better than the one I bought in the past. First, the startup sound is low, the running sound is also low, and the temperature rises quickly. The anti direct blowing remote controller is equipped with special buttons, which is very convenient and intuitive

III. Gree Yunjin kfr-72lw/nhzcb1w 3-piece cabinet machine

1. Initial price: ¥ 8999.00 (check the latest promotion quotation)

2. User comments: the industrial design is very good. It covers a small area, has a strong sense of science and technology, has smooth lines, and has a fast cooling effect. I believe in the brand of Gree. It is not surprising to say that it is a decoration. I don't pay much attention to power consumption. I sum up two words: like

IV. Gree Yunjin kfr-50lw/nhzcb1w large 2-piece cabinet machine:

1. Initial price: ¥ 7999.00 (check the latest promotion quotation)

2. The maintenance life of the ball screw is higher than that of the trapezoidal screw. Many user comments: the air conditioner has beautiful appearance, full functions, fast delivery, and high-end atmosphere. The installation personnel are very professional. The work is clean and quick. After commissioning, the heating and cooling effect are very good, with low noise, energy conservation and environmental protection. I like it very much

the above are the four latest best-selling Gree Yunjin air conditioners. I believe the new air conditioners have been upgraded a lot in terms of functions. I hope they can help you choose a reference. You can choose the corresponding air conditioner according to your home needs. I believe it will bring a lot of cool to your home this summer Please click here to view more hot models on tmall

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