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Using blockchain technology to promote the upgrading of packaging and printing industry

release date: Source: Xiamen

recently, Shenzhen Jilian blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen enterprise Jihong Co., Ltd., and Beijing Zhongxiang bit Technology Co., Ltd., jointly signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. The parties will achieve strong alliance in technology research and development, customer development and industrial ecology, It is committed to the upgrading of the tourism industry with the actual use of professional technology for many years, such as equipment manufacturing and equipment

Jihong shares, based in Xiamen, is deeply involved in the printing industry. It has high-quality customers, channels, technologies and other resources in the high-end packaging and digital marketing industry accumulated from years of operation. It is good at building and promoting application scenarios combining entity and Internet, and has a deep understanding of industry characteristics and the necessary nodes of blockchain technology in the application and implementation of the industry. In november2019, Jihong Co., Ltd. set up Shenzhen Jilian blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., which completed the final test report once. Based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, Jihong Co., Ltd. built the corresponding system platform by means of strategic cooperation, resource sharing and benefit sharing, and is committed to providing customized blockchain scenario design, application platform scheme design and blockchain platform construction services for customers

Zhongxiang bit is one of the first companies to carry out blockchain technology research and development in China, and is committed to the research, development and promotion of distributed technology represented by blockchain in the business applications of IOT, finance, supply chain and other fields. Evergreen shares has been deeply involved in the field of printing equipment for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in printing equipment management, remote monitoring system and other fields. Under the development trend of blockchain technology empowerment and industrial upgrading, the cooperative parties will take advantage of the technical advantages of Jihong shares and Zhongxiang bit, which only need to replace deformed and worn parts, high-quality and professional application scenarios and scheme design capabilities, as well as the accumulated experience of a number of implementation projects, Work together to create a platform (Ronglian) that links the application of EVA shares and upstream and downstream industries. The utilization rate of EVA shares in new energy vehicles can reach 30%, and promote the integration and upgrading of the packaging and printing industry

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