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How about using 352 x83c plus air purifier to remove formaldehyde and haze? Advantages and disadvantages evaluation

(1) many models were compared and 352 was selected. If it was an air purifier, 352 could be purified fairly well, and the removal effect of odor and PM2.5 was fairly good. Some experiments were put in a closed bedroom for one night, and the PM was reduced from 65 to 2 within 10 minutes. However, the removal effect of formaldehyde remains to be observed. If the shear is a newly decorated comrade, it is recommended to buy a new fan, not thinking that the air purifier can remove formaldehyde, Mainly ventilation. In other words, the real-time partial pressure U1 of the friction sub-system can be tested in the friction process of gear 2 to obtain the resistance characteristic change curve of the friction contact area of the sample to be tested in the whole friction and wear process. There is no sound when sleeping. Acceptable range. The machine is very solid. The overall cost performance was fairly good

(2) it was delivered the next day. It was supposed to remove formaldehyde, just in time for the haze day. When it was opened, PM2.5 was nearly 200. After the maximum air volume was turned on, it fell down quickly. This is still a material with potential disaster. Unfortunately, the formaldehyde removal value is not displayed

(3 the force measuring unit is composed of a high-precision force sensor and a digital control system with a single-chip microcomputer as the central processor). The machine is very large and has a good texture. The app is connected to the machine very quickly. At present, there is only PM2.5 data display, but no formaldehyde display. This should be improved in the future

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II. Functional features and detailed configuration parameters:

352 x83c plus air purifier functional features:

detailed configuration parameters:

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