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Experience and evaluation of using the M56 Aishi kitchen garbage processor imported from the United States

Aishi hot selling model recommendation: Aishi kitchen garbage processor household M56 kitchen food shredder imported from the United States is fully automatic, and the original machine imported from the United States is a hot seller. Let's take a look at this hands-on experience and its advantages and disadvantages, hoping to help you choose for reference

I. the driven pin of the aishi-e kitchen garbage processor M56 reads the maximum load Pb value and has a hands-on experience:

this aishi-e kitchen garbage processor M56 has a good function. My friend's family is using this one. He said it is very useful and recommended it to me. Later, he started to use this aishi-e kitchen garbage processor M56. Feeling the convenience of foreign kitchen waste crushers, he ordered one when he returned home on the double 11. Choosing Aishi is an old brand product. It's very cost-effective to fold it down. After receiving the goods, they made an appointment for installation. The master who came to the door was responsible, analyzed the pipes and interfaces, and made a plan. After installation, he also explained the use methods and maintenance matters in detail, patiently answered our questions, and was highly praised! I tried it today. It was quiet and clean. I was very satisfied with the shopping. The next day, tmall's official latest offer for this M56, more comments from friends

in recent two years

II. How to test the carburized layer of M5 metal of Aishi easy kitchen garbage processor 6. Advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: it is easy to operate. Once you see it, the place where the garbage is put in indicates that the sample is likely to be mixed with recycled food, which is very small, There is no need to worry about the sewer blockage

disadvantages: if you can lengthen the plug wire a little

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