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Usage evaluation: double super treadmill multi-function armrest pedal silent exercise weight loss fitness equipment experience

share the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in a golden period of scientific and rapid growth. Experience evaluation of using this double super treadmill:

the instrument is unstable to install, and can only be seen, can not be touched, and can be removed once touched. I can only use double-sided adhesive tape to fix it with paper, Contacted the seller and told me that this was the case. There was a noise. Stepping on the conditioning scale for a long time would be very big. Sometimes it was acceptable. Contacted the customer service and said to wipe the engine oil, but it didn't work very well. The armrest foam was cracked. I sealed it with adhesive tape. The instrument broke within a month, and the foam cracked. The seller said the instrument broke. The customer service always said it wouldn't break. They wanted to buy it again. OK, buy it. He said that it would cost 30 yuan for something worth a few yuan, Just use it like this. You can also practice good leg muscles Expand to view detailed evaluation and comments

configuration parameters of double super treadmill [View official promotion quotation]: ranking third in China

product parameters:

time of listing: Autumn 2016

brand: suncao/double super

product No.: sc-s032h

fitness equipment classification: hydraulic (oil pressure) treadmill

treadmill accessory type: lubricating oil

select by fitness effect: overall weight loss/body shaping/body beauty

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