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I bought this little swan washing machine from the td80v62adg5 evaluation

and shared my feelings and opinions: the washing machine is better than expected, with an atmospheric and fashionable appearance. The Little Swan brand is good and reliable. The logistics speed is also very fast, and the installation workers are also very awesome

advantages of

in recent years: 1 Energy saving is good. Comparing the power consumption of the second LG in my home, no matter washing or drying. 2. If the machine is not used for a long time after the experiment, it can be at least 20% or more. 2. in terms of appearance, the overall details are well done. 3. good mute effect. 4. rich program selection. 5. fast drying speed

disadvantages: 1 The tensile test of the internal rubbing inner wall tensile machine of the drum is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. 1. It is relatively flat, and there is not much three-dimensional design. Will it affect the washing effect? 2. rural residential lines are not grounded, and the washing machine body is provided with induction electricity when washing

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II. Detailed configuration parameters:

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