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Longteng plan is favored, and the market prospect of high-end furniture paint is unlimited

Longteng plan is favored, and the market prospect of high-end furniture paint is unlimited

on April 27, 2012, president Zhang visited Xianghe furniture factory

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[China paint information] - General Manager carlys visited Xianghe Furniture City

with the unprecedented prosperity and rapid development of furniture factories, The product pattern of paint market has undergone profound changes, and the market share of furniture paint is increasing. It can be predicted that in the future paint market, furniture paint products will become the dominant. In order to quickly open the furniture paint market, take the lead and obtain unlimited development space. On April 20, Mr. zhangwenhui, general manager of carlys, and his delegation went to Xianghe, the capital of furniture in China, for a nearly one week inspection and thorough investigation of the furniture paint market

During the visit, Zhang visited a total of five furniture factories, had an in-depth conversation with the furniture factory owners, and exchanged views on the next step of cooperation. The boss of Xianghe furniture factory is quite interested in the "dragon plan" launched by carlys for the furniture factory and the strategy of taking the high-end route

in the conversation with the owner of the furniture factory, general manager Zhang Jialishi talked about the following aspects from the height of the company: 1. Jialishi paint is not a small brand, but a top ten brand in the coating industry; 2. Jialishi paint is a typical high-end brand paint in decoration paint. A barrel of paint sells more than 1000 yuan, and its high-end positioning has brought us great success; 3. What Jialishi paint will do in the future is to improve its product power, cost power and brand power. The unique brand strength has aroused the great interest of furniture factory bosses. President Zhang explained the Longteng plan of Jialishi furniture paint from the aspects of resource sharing, brand support and training, which was widely recognized by five furniture factory owners

boss Zhao of a furniture factory specializes in American oak suite furniture. He used to do low-grade furniture, but now he began to change the conclusion to solid wood, and even made the slogan of "fake one pays ten". Since he made high-end products, he has tasted the sweetness. He has sold more than 1 million in one activity in the store of the furniture city, and has been deeply touched with the high-end positioning since then. In the conversation with President Zhang, they agreed with carlys' high-end positioning and the plan that the working days of all legal and compliant coal mines of longtengji will be relaxed to 330 days. During the conversation, the two people talked more and more and speculated more. Finally, they even wanted to give their son to carlys for training

president Zhang visited Xianghe furniture factory

boss Yang of another furniture factory used to be a hotel suite, mainly low-end, but now it is mainly high-end solid wood furniture. He said that he went to visit a brand in Guangdong and found that he could achieve the quality standard. People earned 3000 yuan for selling a set of furniture, while he earned 300 yuan for buying a set of furniture! To achieve the quality standard of Guangdong brand, it only needs to increase the cost by 100 yuan! Since he revised the positioning, he found that orders began to flow in. There were more repeat customers, the dealers sold better, and the dealers made more money. For carlys' Longteng plan, he was very strong: he asked that only a few people use this Longteng plan in the furniture factory, otherwise he had an opinion, because he believed that it was necessary to position high-end products in order to use carlys furniture paint. If a small factory brand also marked with carlys furniture paint, it would affect his positioning

president Zhang visited Xianghe furniture factory

during the visit, president Zhang also talked with boss Ji, who has been making hotel furniture and dining tables and chairs for more than 20 years. Ji Lao doesn't know how to test the board. He began to adjust the positioning last year: he specializes in European and American solid wood furniture, which is all high-end positioning. At present, it is being adjusted, and it is precisely because many supporting systems have not kept up with it. Talking about why to adjust the positioning, he said that he found that there was no future for making low-end products. The price would often be killed to no profit, and more importantly, there was no future. Later, carlys Zhang talked with him about the Longteng plan and the idea of high-end rise. This is also in line with boss Ji's attitude that he doesn't care much about the price and cost, but more about whether the product can meet the high-end positioning after the product effect comes out

boss Li, a client of jialish Xianghe furniture paint, used to be jialish. Last year, he applied a small brand of paint. Six months later, he understood. The enterprise dug a deep hole for him last year, which made him miserable. Because of the problem of product quality, he asked carlys to cooperate at the beginning of this year. In the process of rolling, he realized that not every factory can make furniture paint. He also understood the reason why the price of Jialishi changed: it was because the high-end quality of Jialishi remained unchanged, so the price had to be adjusted. The biggest problem of small factories is that when the price cannot be changed, they can only adjust the formula and suppliers. The final result is that the quality changes and quality accidents occur. Let him suffer deeply. Now, he deeply realized that the furniture factory is not the lower the price, the better, but the most important product effect. The idea of high-end products and high-end quality of carlys is consistent with his idea

after visiting the furniture capital of Xianghe, general manager carlys also sighed with emotion after talking with the owners of furniture factories: "the furniture paint market is very broad, not as complex as originally thought, and the high-end positioning of our products is very suitable for the needs of the current market, which has increased our confidence". At present, the Longteng plan launched by carlys has been fully launched under the strategy of high-end route. Jialishi's high-end positioning and Longteng plan resonate with the furniture paint owners, which will establish a solid foundation for each other to take off in the year of the dragon

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