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Longshen robot and Kawasaki robot set up a joint venture factory in Shunde to lay out the manufacturing of complete vehicles

in the layout of Shunde robot industry, Foshan Longshen robot Co., Ltd. is a dazzling new star. This enterprise, founded in 2013, has entered the automobile manufacturing market after gaining a firm foothold in the home appliance robot market. Now, Longshen robot has joined hands with Kawasaki to set up a joint venture factory in Shunde, hoping to make a big show in the field of new energy vehicle manufacturing

from robot system integration to the technical accumulation of hydrogen fuel cells, the technical layout is closely linked, laying the foundation for us to enter the field of vehicle manufacturing in the future. Chen Xin, President of Longshen robot Innovation Research Institute, said that the enterprise hopes to become a leader in the subdivision field and strive to become the largest system integrator in the country

it is understood that Longshen robot was recognized as a high-tech enterprise for the first time in 2016, and was also rated as the benchmark high enterprise in Foshan in 2020. This is both recognition and encouragement for us. Chen Xin said that the company has paid great attention to R & D since its inception. More than half of the company's team is R & D personnel, and the proportion of R & D investment in revenue has been maintained between 4.2% and 4.5%

standing on the shoulders of giants and advancing into the automotive field

backed by Shunde's huge home appliance industry cluster, Longshen robot keenly seized the opportunity of intelligent production and established a company specializing in home appliance robots

in terms of robot integration, Longshen robot cooperates with robot giants such as Kawasaki, KUKA, abb and Fanuc. In 2015, they had the first market share in the integrated application of white electric robots in China

robot products displayed in the Longshen robot exhibition hall. Zhujiang Business Daily Photo by Zhou zhuojie

however, with the increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance industry and the slowdown in market growth, Longshen robot began to enter the automotive field in 2017, focusing on engine, interior trim, bumper and other auto parts

in this process, Kawasaki robot has provided a lot of help. For example, Japanese automakers such as GAC Toyota will designate robots of Japanese brands, while Kawasaki will hand over many after-sales services in the Chinese market of the automotive industry to Longshen. The relationship between the two sides has developed from agents at the beginning to partners all the way

as early as 2017, China's first engineering R & D center jointly operated by Kawasaki and Longshen was established to share R & D achievements. We have also introduced a professional team from the automotive industry, and we have a foundation in the robot industry. Although we entered the game late, we still have strong strength. Chen Xin said that after more than a year of development cycle, Longshen robot has obtained the qualification of Toyota's first-class equipment supplier

the automotive industry's funding requirements for suppliers can be described as harsh, which puts forward high requirements for the stability and reliability of robots. Chen Xin, for example, said that the automobile production line operates 24 hours a day. If a machine fails, the operation of the whole production line will be affected. There is an unwritten regulation in the industry that if the robot fails and affects the production progress, it will claim against the robot supplier according to the minute charge

this means that I have seen many brothers because my common sense of machine operation is not good enough. If the robot quality is not up to standard, it will lose everything. Chen Xin said that such strict requirements forced Longshen robot to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and soon obtained the 16949 quality management system certification in the automotive industry, and established cooperation with Toyota, Dongfeng Motor and other auto companies

technicians are debugging the robot in Longshen robot production workshop. Zhujiang Business Daily Photo by Zhou zhuojie

technical accumulation around vehicle manufacturing

from 2017 to now, Longshen robot has accumulated rich experience in the automotive field. At the beginning of this year, Longshen robot signed an agreement with Kawasaki robot to set up a joint venture factory in Shunde. At present, three product lines have begun small-scale trial production

according to the introduction, the joint venture factory has a total investment of 1billion yuan and plans two business sectors, one is to supplement the production capacity of Kawasaki robots and increase the category of Kawasaki robots, the other is to aim at the whole vehicle production line of new energy vehicles with the production qualification won after the joint venture

for small and medium-sized enterprises, the price of imported stamping robots is high. To this end, the joint venture factory will develop and produce low-cost stamping robots to meet market demand. On the other hand, SCARA multi joint robot for 3C industry will be developed and will be promoted in Xiaomi ecology at that time

according to Chen Xin, Longshen and Kawasaki accelerate the running in through the joint venture factory. When the conditions are ripe, the greater goal is to carry out the vehicle manufacturing business. Kawasaki robot is a supplier of Toyota automobile factory. He designed and developed 1151 type gear pump extruder, and their engineers can directly participate in the product design of the joint venture factory

however, Chen Xin frankly said that at present, there are still many difficulties for domestic robot companies to enter the whole vehicle segment, which also means that Longshen robot still has a long way to go

in 2019, Longshen robot developed the first automatic production line of hydrogen energy membrane electrode in China. Taking the lead in the field of hydrogen energy equipment automation, it is also one of the sons of Longshen robot into vehicle manufacturing

when designing the technical route, we are closely linked. Chen Xin believes that the integration of hydrogen fuel cells with the original powertrain and auto parts technology will establish advantages for Longshen robot in the field of new energy vehicles

according to the introduction, the hydrogen energy business department of Longshen robot has 35 R & D engineers, mainly engaged in technical reserves and accumulation on hydrogen fuel cells. At present, the business division is developing rapidly, reaching a production scale of 20million yuan last year and is expected to reach 50million yuan this year. In the next three years, we will carry out key technology planning on hydrogen energy vehicles. Chen Xin said

it is worth mentioning that in the past, Longshen robot mainly focused on the research and development of single production links such as spraying, polishing and shell assembly. Now these links are connected in series to form a full chain unmanned factory

it is expected to sprint for IPO in the next year.

at present, Longshen robot has provided comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions in multiple fields for domestic well-known enterprises such as Midea, Galanz, Wanhe, FAW Toyota, Sany Heavy Industry, CSIC heavy industry, Yuanda housing industry, Kodak, etc

robot products displayed in the Longshen robot exhibition hall. Zhujiang business daily, photographed by Zhou zhuojie

as a native Shunde enterprise, the support of various policies has provided us with great help. Chen Xin said that from the very beginning of its small scale, Longshen robot felt the intimate service. In particular, the ten articles of scientific innovation released last year will invest 800million yuan to support enterprise R & D and innovation, so that enterprises can get real support

in terms of further expanding research cooperation in terms of industry university brand awareness, Shunde District Science and Technology Bureau actively builds a bridge between enterprises and colleges and universities, and encourages enterprises to increase innovation. For example, the development of vision application system for container palletizing robot by Longshen robot has been strongly supported by Chen Xianzhong, a professor at Beijing University of science and technology

we have thrown out several technical requirements, and the schemes fed back by Professor Chen's team are very consistent. It is expected that twoorthree projects will start cooperation this year. Chen Xin believes that Shunde's promotion of joint innovation by entrepreneurs and scientists is a great help to the development of enterprises

taking the opportunity of being rated as the benchmark high-tech enterprise in Foshan in 2020, Longshen robot will go further and finally click "confirm" to enter the report display page, step by step to make the two articles of "fine height" and "new height", optimize and upgrade on the basis of the original industry, rely on the core regional advantages of Shunde intelligent manufacturing, promote the creation of an industrial model of integration of production, research and marketing related to industrial robots, and build a leading enterprise in the high-tech industry in the field of Intelligent Manufacturing in the future

after becoming a high-tech enterprise, Longshen robot pays more attention to R & D investment, including the cultivation of R & D personnel and increasing foreign cooperation. In the process of sustainable development, Longshen robot will drive into the fast lane of development with the help of the capital market. Chen Xin revealed that the company has entered the guidance period for securities companies, and is expected to carry out share reform this year, striving to submit IPO materials in 2022 or 2023

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