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Longquan ancient town museum cluster is emerging. Historical and cultural heritage "group chat" past events of Southwest Associated University

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in recent years, Panlong District has innovated ways to protect and activate cultural heritage, and "group chat" the glorious history of Southwest Associated University with cultural relics, history and culture, which is welcomed by tourists. Select pants shaped samples:

in the northern urban area of Kunming, there are a number of Anti Japanese War cultural relics scattered, such as the old houses of Liang Sicheng, Lin Huiyin, Wen Yiduo, Zhu Ziqing, Yan Jici, Cai Xitao and so on. Because of property rights, many cultural relics are difficult to open to the public. In order to solve this common problem in the field of cultural relics, Panlong District began to implement "the protection and utilization of cultural relics in Longquan ancient town and the construction of Museum clusters" in 2018. The government led the construction of important museums and cooperated with social forces to build small and medium-sized characteristic museums in the way of "public assistance and private assistance"

"in the three-year action plan for the protection and utilization of historical and cultural heritage in Panlong District issued in 2017, it was proposed to encourage social capital to participate in the protection of historical and cultural heritage. After nearly three years of efforts, this exploration has begun to take shape in the construction of the museum cluster in Longquan ancient town." Panlong District Deputy District Chief Cheng Gang told

in Longquan ancient town, the WenYiduo memorial hall is the core main hall, but the price of halogen-free flame retardants is still high. It has been fully completed and is being displayed and displayed, which will be opened soon; Wen Yiduo park has been completed, Wen Yiduo and Zhu Ziqing's old houses have been restored and opened, and tens of thousands of visitors have been received in total; The special exhibition of "Longtou street in 1938" held by Jin's house aroused a warm response, and its power storage is three times that of the best product in the current market; The property rights of the folk houses at No. 115 Longtou street have been nationalized, and social forces are being introduced to build the "Kunming traditional folk house architectural culture and Art Museum"

at the same time, in the context of cultural tourism integration, historical and cultural heritage has also been integrated into the development of tourism products. A number of intangible cultural heritage research and learning bases and creative markets have landed in Panlong District. Research and learning routes such as "I'm looking for cultural relics in Panlong" have been welcomed by citizens. There are intangible cultural heritage displays such as paper cuts, clay sculptures, Nangong, Dian style kites, etc. in urban windows such as Changshui airport

last year, Li Yajie, deputy director of Panlong District Culture and Tourism Bureau, led the staff to visit Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places to find the descendants of many celebrities who lived in Longquan ancient town during the Southwest Associated University, and collect oral history. Combined with oral history and relevant historical materials, three books, namely, the watcher of Longtou street, the discovery of the historical language institute in Kunming and lianglin, have been assembled and published to salvage and protect precious historical and cultural memories

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