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Longjiang plastic building materials industry has achieved an average annual growth of 30%

Longjiang furniture is a famous brand at home and abroad. In fact, there is another equally well-known fist brand in Longjiang, that is, the plastic building materials industry. It is comparable to Longjiang furniture in terms of strength, industry status and development potential. Yesterday, Longjiang was officially awarded the plaque of the capital of China's plastic building materials industry, which is the best proof

as early as the 1970s, Longjiang plastic building materials industry has grown rapidly with the pace of reform and opening up, from staggering to thriving, from decentralized to centralized, and gradually formed today's industrial standardization, clustering and large-scale development pattern

The plastic building materials industry in Longjiang has a strong economic foundation and industrial advantages. It is understood that at present, there are 201 plastic building materials and plastic products production enterprises in Longjiang Town, with a fixed asset investment of more than 5 billion yuan, more than 30000 employees and more than 3000 professional and technical personnel. The products cover 100 series and more than 200 varieties, including various plastic pipes and fittings, trunking, profiles, additives, cables, architectural coatings, etc., and have obtained nearly 1000 industrial honorary certificates. Most of the enterprises with an annual output value or sales of more than 100 million yuan and national or provincial high-tech enterprises in the town are concentrated in this industry

the degree of industrial clustering is getting higher and higher, and its radiation is all over the country and even all over the world. It is understood that at present, the production layout of Longjiang plastic building materials has spread over more than 10 provinces and cities across the country, and the products are widely used throughout the country and in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, of which Liansu Group alone has eight production bases and nearly 1000 distribution points in the country. At the same time, due to the large production capacity of Longjiang plastic building materials, it can effectively drive the prosperity of the local and surrounding upstream and downstream plastic raw material trade logistics

the engine of the national industry

the plastic building materials industry has long become one of the six pillar industries of Longjiang, which keeps pace with Longjiang furniture. Its economic output and comprehensive utilization of renewable resources are expected to reach 265 million tons, and its contribution rate is in the forefront of the six pillar industries. Represented by Liansu, xiongsu, xiongli, Gangfeng and other enterprises, it has built more than 1000 mu industrial parks with continuous average yield per mu and profit and tax rate exceeding the output level of international industrial land, becoming a high-yield area of plastic building materials in the country, and forming a relatively complete industrial chain of plastic machinery manufacturing, raw material supply, mold development, logistics and distribution within 10 kilometers

in the past five years, the plastic building materials industry in Longjiang Town has also achieved an average annual high-speed growth of 30%, exceeding the national growth rate, making it one of the engines of the development of the national plastic building materials industry. Last year, the output value of Longjiang plastic building materials was 11 billion yuan, creating more than 10000 jobs every year. Its total sales volume, technical level, export earning foreign exchange, and the brand value of the notice on launching the pilot work of the first use of insurance compensation mechanism for key new materials issued by the Ministry of quality, industry and information technology also ranked among the top in the same industry in the country. Its brand cluster degree is also the national leader. By the end of 2007, Longjiang Town had a total of 28 Chinese well-known trademarks, Chinese famous brand products, national inspection free products, provincial famous trademarks and famous brand products, 70% of which were concentrated in the plastic building materials industry

Longjiang's economic growth point

plastic therefore has high requirements for the mechanical properties of this kind of materials. Building materials are one of the industries encouraged by the state

China Plastics Processing Industry Association liaozhengpin said that China's plastics industry has entered the ranks of the world's largest plastics countries. It is understood that at present, the output of China's plastic building materials industry exceeds 33million tons, ranking second in the world; The output value exceeds 800 billion yuan, ranking third in the world. This not only shows the strength of China's plastic building materials industry, but also reflects the development advantages and huge potential space of this industry. In the current context of rising international oil prices, the energy-saving characteristics of plastic building materials will also become a new hot spot of industrial investment

in recent years, Longjiang has increased investment attraction, successfully introduced a large number of plastic building materials industrial projects, and successively entered the completion and production period this year and next. In particular, more than half of the current new industrial projects under construction are plastic construction, that is, the timber industry will maintain a tight balance in 2017 (2) and 2018, which will effectively stimulate economic growth. The construction of plastic building materials industry has become an important support for the sustainable development of Longjiang, and it is also an effective way to improve the land value and enhance the comprehensive strength

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