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In order to solve the problems of many, wide-ranging and long-term law enforcement work points, effectively implement the special law enforcement work deployed by the superior departments, and avoid repeated cross law enforcement and waste of human resources, Longhua Bureau of Shenzhen municipal market and Quality Supervision Commission innovated the law enforcement work mechanism and effectively integrated the overall law enforcement force, We will continue to carry out the comprehensive law enforcement and unified action of "Long Hua Liang Jian". A few days ago, the first law enforcement action of the "Longhua Liangjian" comprehensive law enforcement unified action was carried out, with the theme of quality and safety rectification in the field of production safety and clue investigation of anti Mafia and evil elimination

law enforcement personnel check whether the power plug-in board meets the safety standards

in the action, the inspection section 246 of Longhua Bureau, the foundation, the quality section and various regulatory offices uniformly dispatched to carry out surprise inspections on the resin fields of hardware stores, grocery stores and small department stores within the jurisdiction, focusing on the quality and safety of gas hoses, gas valves, gas stoves (including gas stoves), power plug boards, sockets, plugs, wires, cables, small household appliances, sprinkler devices (showers) and other commodities. A total of 96 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect 3 production enterprises, 102 sales stores, and 41 cases were filed. The seizure of items involved, including non system stiffness, became the key to the normal operation of all systems. More than 400 items, such as pressure reducing valves, drainage plugs, wires, cables, gas hoses, shower showers, electric fans, rice cookers, etc., achieved remarkable results

the unified law enforcement action of "Longhua Liangjian" has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of all levels and played the role of inspection and law enforcement. Next, Longhua Bureau will continue to adhere to the comprehensive law enforcement as a means to strictly implement various supervision and law enforcement functions, promote the investigation of hidden dangers in production safety and the implementation of the special struggle against Mafia and evil, and maintain the market operation order in its jurisdiction. Support the dual experimental mode of peeling and stretching

(correspondent Chen Jing, Liu Junkai/text, figure)

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