The hottest longitudinal cutting edge of double-si

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The face paper of the double-sided paperboard on the longitudinal cutting edge is loose (I)

it is sometimes found that the face paper and the corrugated core paper are not bonded at the longitudinal cutting edge


the tissue paper is very wet

the hot plate temperature is not the highest

the paper pressing roller of the glue dispenser is not parallel

the hot plate is deformed or the surface Dragon coal has been successfully transferred and shunted. 22500 people have entered the new industrial field unevenly, the edge is bumped and corrugated

the conveyor belt elevator does not fall on one side

the paper pressing roller is lifted on one side

there is dust, glue paste Paper scraps or other foreign matters

the paper cutter destroys the parallel condition between rollers. In this way, it is necessary to disconnect a force application rod. The load speed is 0.3- ⑴ 0kn adjustable

double sided "I'm glad to show the latest research and development achievements of Bayer materials technology in the field of adhesives at this exhibition. The diagonal tension on the paper web is uneven

when entering the double-sided machine from the single-sided machine, the edge of the paperboard is loose or wavy

the gluing is not unified, the worn edge is glued too much, or too little

the gluing machine is medium high, the position of the shredder roller is too high

the longitudinal cutter is too blunt, or the device is improper, or it is loose on the shaft

the equipment runs too fast

The paper cutter overlaps too much

the edge of the conveyor belt of the double-sided machine is worn


increase the package angle of the preheater

check the steam system

adjust and replace the hot plate

check whether there is dust under the machine and elevator

correct and remove the dirt on the hot plate

adjust to parallel

adjust the base paper holder or tension roller, Tilt it properly

check the alignment of the machine

check the bearings of the tissue preheater and the tension roll

adjust the metering roll and the metering roll scraping knife

adjust the grinding or adjust

slow down the running speed

reduce the overlap. If the indentation effect is not affected, relax the gap between the cutters

check the thickness of the conveyor belt

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