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Longrun set out again for Shandong market investigation season

longrun: Laiwu said it was of excellent quality

just after the visit to Baotou market, Mr. Zhang Jihua, chairman of longrun group, set out again on November 28, led his colleagues in charge of Shandong market to Laiwu, and visited the first-line market of Laiwu together with Yin head office, the distributor of Laiwu, and his colleagues from Yin head office

accompanied by Mr. Yin, Mr. Zhang first came to their warehouse to learn more about the operation and recent development of the dealer, fully affirmed its good performance in the short term, and encouraged Mr. Yin's team to make new achievements

then, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Yin began the journey of visiting the terminal. When they arrived at each store, Mr. Zhang understood the specific business situation and needs of the store in detail, answered the questions raised by customers, solved the problems on site and arranged follow-up

during this visit, the most concerned topic of customers is the product quality of longrun, and the most important thing longrun group attaches to in the production process is the product quality, which can be seen from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder. President Zhang introduced to the customer: from the source, longrun lubricating oil selects the best base oil and additives as raw materials, and selects the latest technology and formula of international top additive companies to ensure stable product quality and excellent performance; In terms of production links, it has realized a fully closed, modern and efficient production line, a fully automatic computer control system, and is equipped with independent testing, national level professional research and development laboratories, ensuring the safe, efficient and stable operation of warehousing and logistics; In terms of product guarantee, longrun's full line of products are underwritten by Pacific Insurance Company to ensure product safety and relieve worries at home

and stored in a dry place. In addition, president Zhang also learned about the needs of the terminal in other aspects, took seriously their opinions and suggestions, and made practical solutions

the terminal store said:

since the use of longrun lubricating oil products, the market feedback effect is very good. They have great trust in the quality of longrun. After the quality assurance given by President Zhang this time, they are more determined and full of confidence in future cooperation

in particular, Laiwu dealers attached great importance to longrun group's trip to Shandong. They not only always accompanied president Zhang to visit the front line, but also actively analyzed and discussed the next step of cooperation, product promotion, market operation and advertising investment after coming back. This visit not only gave us a full understanding of the first-line market in Shandong, but also deepened the cooperative relationship between longrun group and Laiwu dealers. At the same time, it also increased the confidence of the whole Shandong market in the product quality of longrun lubricants

longrun group attaches great importance to the development of Shandong market, and will continue to provide policy support, do a good job in supporting dealers, and adhere to the development idea of "leading resources, stable supply, continuous investment, and win-win for businesses and enterprises", so as to jointly do a good job in the Shandong market in 2018

after the Laiwu market visit, president Zhang and his party continued to rush to the next market. At about 9:00 that night, they came to Linyi, Shandong Province, and were warmly received by Linyi dealers sun and President Yin

during the visit, we can see the door marked with the logo of longrun lubricant from a distance. Entering the store, we can see that longrun products Anqing to build a first-class industrial base for new chemical materials are neatly displayed in the terminal store, the publicity display rack is also placed in an obvious position, and the brightly colored packaging barrels of longrun lubricant are very eye-catching

president Zhang talked cordially with the staff in the store and introduced in detail the product quality, after-sales service, quality assurance, market support, etc. of longrun lubricant

the store said that in addition to product quality, it is also most concerned about the stability of the manufacturer's supply, and hopes to obtain long-term cooperation

president Zhang gave a clear answer: longrun group will increase investment and support in lubricating oil products in the future, maintain the advantages of longrun base oil raw materials at the source, continuously optimize and improve our products in technology, and give greater preference and support in sales policies, so that the development plan of dealers and terminal stores: have considerable improvement and development. Longrun group will always maintain the vitality of lubricant products

after visiting Linyi market, president Zhang affirmed the excellent achievements made by the dealers and saw that everyone in the front-line market recognized longrun lubricant more and more, which is undoubtedly an encouragement and spur for us. The trip to Shandong has also added confidence to our customers. Longrun will adhere to the perfection of products and the most professional services to win a larger market. We know that it is not easy to build longrun brand, which depends on the joint efforts of longrun people and longrun customers. The visit of president Zhang to the terminal market has improved the confidence of Linyi dealers in making longrun bigger and stronger, and greatly encouraged the morale of front-line personnel in the market

longrun will firmly adhere to the development idea of "leading resources, stable supply, continuous investment, and win-win business enterprises", and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of longrun brand in Linyi and even the national market

longrun is committed to bringing more professional services and

more environmentally friendly and high-quality products into the lives of more people

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