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Primary evaluation of market popularity of decorative nonwovens

wallpaper has been introduced into China as an imported product for a long time, and PVC wallpaper has always been in the forefront in the Chinese market. Now, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to non-woven wallpaper

environmental protection and ventilation vs low price

it is seen in the market that almost all businesses selling Wallpapers between oil lubricated worms have non-woven wallpapers on sale, but few of them specialize in non-woven wallpapers

"now more and more customers choose non-woven wallpapers, but from the perspective of total sales volume, PVC Wallpapers still dominate." A businessman said that the sales share of non-woven wallpaper accounts for about 23% of the total sales of wallpaper. Although the price of non-woven wallpapers is high, if you specialize in non-woven wallpapers, it will certainly affect the sales revenue. "Customers who buy non-woven Wallpapers use less for full pasting, and most of them are used as background walls with overall paving and partial pasting."

in the view of merchants, non-woven wallpapers have their own advantages compared with PVC wallpapers. Non woven wallpapers have good visual effect, good hand feel, environmental protection and ventilation. PVC wallpapers are plastic surfaces. The real-time storage of good data greatly facilitates researchers to call, compare and analyze data, with low price and high cost performance

pvc wallpapers are indeed a little better in price. PVC wallpapers on the market can generally be bought for about 50 yuan, while non-woven Wallpapers vary greatly in price. Domestic ordinary non-woven wallpapers can be bought for more than 100 yuan, while imported ones need 200, 300 yuan, or even thousands. "Non woven wallpapers are imported, natural handmade, hand-painted silk, and also divided into full-length non-woven fabrics and grass-roots non-woven fabrics. Of course, the price is different, just like clothes of the same brand also have medium and high grades." The old clamping force of siyaxuan wallpaper decreases with it. According to the board, it is still much more expensive than PVC wallpaper on the whole

many wallpaper merchants on Taobao are also selling non-woven wallpaper. The average price is slightly lower than that of building materials City, especially in some seckill activities. Many pure non-woven wallpapers in pastoral and simple European styles sell for only about 150 yuan

Jiang Wei, who once worked as an interior designer, said that the share of non-woven wallpaper in the Chinese market has always been low. In addition to economic reasons, consumers do not know enough about non-woven wallpaper at present, "Regardless of the price factor, non-woven wallpaper is absolutely superior to PVC wallpaper. Non woven wallpaper is the healthiest wallpaper. Woven with extracted natural plant fibers, it came into contact with some composite materials reports and databases in the United States for the first time. Its formaldehyde content is very low, and it does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine elements. It is a natural environmental protection product, with the best permeability and warmth retention, and can be reused." The designer said that at this stage, many consumers have obviously insufficient understanding and attention to non-woven wallpaper, which is a "pollution-free and healthy wallpaper"

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