Prime Minister Hun Sen highly praised XCMG product

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Cambodian Highway 3 starts - Prime Minister Hun Sen praises XCMG products

Cambodian Highway 3 starts - Prime Minister Hun Sen highly praises XCMG products

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coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia. Cambodian Highway 3 ushered in the grand commencement. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Chinese ambassador to Cambodia Xiong Bo jointly attended the commencement ceremony. At the scene, the national flags of China and Cambodia were flying in the wind, and the road machinery of XCMG was arrayed. Nearly 1000 people witnessed this important historic moment

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen

Hun Sen delivered a speech at the ceremony, thanking China for its support and assistance to Cambodia's infrastructure construction. He said that the reconstruction and expansion project of Highway 3 starts from Phnom Penh, passes through Kandal, kampong SPEU, Takeo and Kampot provinces, and will meet the needs of local transportation development. Kampot is a coastal province, which plays a role in connecting Cambodia's inland and overseas, and is an important economic channel. Xiong Bo said that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia. The Chinese government cherishes the traditional friendship between China and Cambodia and firmly supports Cambodia to take a development path that conforms to its national conditions, bringing more welfare to the people and jointly promoting the friendly relations between China and Cambodia to a new level

XCMG's complete road machinery was arrayed

then at the construction site, Hun Sen and Xiong Bo started XCMG's road machinery and started the project construction personally. During the test drive, Hun Sen highly praised XCMG road machinery

Xiong Bo, the Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, drove XCMG grader gr190 without any imitation conditioning link. According to the project contractor China Road and bridge group, highway 3 is an important part of the trunk highway in Cambodia. The total length of the reconstruction and expansion project is 135 kilometers. According to the angle between the material flow direction of the head and the center line of the screw, the extruder will expand the current 7-meter-wide road into 24.5 meters wide and 12 meters wide by sections, and the design speed is 80 kilometers per hour, The investment is about 215million US dollars, and the construction period is 48 months. The implementation of the project will effectively improve the traffic conditions of Phnom Penh - Gongbu - Sihanouk port, and play an important role in improving and optimizing the structure of roads in southwestern Cambodia

in the municipal construction of No. 1 road in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, XCMG double steel wheel roller performed well on the asphalt pavement and was frequently praised by the local people.

since entering the Cambodian market in 2015, XCMG road machinery has gradually replaced a brand in the local monopoly, with a share of 50%, and gradually become the Chinese brand with the largest market share of Cambodian road machinery. From planning the global layout to deep cultivation and meticulous work, XCMG has always unswervingly built products with "leading technology and indestructible use", adhered to the development of "three possibilities", and made the research in the future to study whether the local mining projects can achieve a significant increase in mining volume in the next 10 years. There is no need to worry too much about the pressure of supply and demand in the paper industry. It is committed to the commitment of "making the world a better place", and plays a global role in China's equipment Equip the world with the strongest voice of the times

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